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Scraping my boot, need help with technique

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by blaringmike, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Today I scrapped my right boot three times going around corners.

    First one was a noob mistake, had my right foot slightly pointed out and scared the sh*t out of me as thats the first time any part of my body/gear has touched the road.

    I thought it was just a once off cause I had my foot pointed out, then I did it two other times, both times with my foot tucked right into the side of the bike.

    I was getting pretty low all three times but I dont think it was anywhere near the limit of the bike.

    What techniques do experienced riders use when getting low down around corners??
  2. Dont ride with ducks feet. Keep the balls of your feet on the pegs. Not your heels.
  3. And if you're getting that low then might as well buy (and use) knee sliders.
  4. Having your boots scraping doesn't mean your far over it just means your doing something wrong. The balls of your feet go on the pegs!
  5. Use your balls, mate. :wink:
  6. yep balls of feet on pegs, although the opposing foot to the direction im cornering is generally covering brake/gear lever.
  7. +1 to all above

    hard to break a habit of riding on the arch/heels. but well worth it as it enables greater control of the bike i found.
  8. Cool i'll give it a go.

    And i will buy knee sliders eventually
  9. Lol, what? No.

    Toes on the pegs, you'll be right. If you're leaning alot though, time to work on leaning into the corner more (your body that is), so that the bike is more upright (and thus giving you more room for growth). Start with leaning torso, then progress to ass when you're very comfortable with torso (ie after a couple of months practice of upper body weight distribution).
  10. riding on a bike with a bent footpeg and rear brake peg, ive developed the bad habit of having my heel on the peg, AND pointed out. only for the right foot tho, cant do it any other way until the bike is fixed. i scraped my boot a few times today, while pushing it in corners. me needs some toe sliders.

    but yeah, toes should be on the pegs, not heels. so if anything scrapes, it should be ur pegs 1st
  11. +50, balls of your feet on the pegs, and boot against the heel guard (tuck in). Once your peg starts dropping too regularly, it's time to move around on the bike.
  12. +1 If anything i say move off the bike way before you start scraping your boot, you will go faster too an have more lean in reserve. Good workout as well if your realy linking some corners together.
  13. If you have big wide feet like me, you will get the problem whatever you do. I have a size 11 foot, but i need 13's or 14's or tailors to fit my feet. Also, you could try some after market pegs, that might be a bit comfier for your foot to keep it in.
  14. My inside foot is usually between the toes and balls. If I rider with them on the balls my toes scrape, people behind generally get antsy if there's sparks coming from your knee and toes as the next stage is not good.

    This is on a bike that has the rear ride height raised 2 different ways! Actually 3 if you include tyre profile.

    If you have big feet, rear set adjustment might be needed or you might have to lift your ankle up (over the heel guard) and not flat footed.
  15. Halleluiah brother!
    This is a problem for those of us who dont wear ballet shoes :p
  16. Are you worried about your boots mate? Takem off then! :bolt:

  17. Still a little left! Noted though, best to let fellow riders know you're wearing sparkies or they might look like this when you drop something on the deck :shock: