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Scraping Footpeg Caused an Off ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by orekin, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Dual purpose adventure bike with new Michelin Anakee tyres and I'm feeling alot more comfortable in the twisties.
    Actually scraped the footpegs a couple of times.
    Wondering if I should be worried about this. Has anyone ever come off because of scraping their footpegs ? Or heard of someone who has ?
    I've found a few threads on this but nothing asking if someone has actually had an off from the peg grabbing onto the road.

  2. yep, caught a centrestand once.....hate the feeling of hard parts touching down, always reminds me of that moment when myself and the bike parted ways
  3. I haven't heard of anyone having an off because they scrapped pegs. Pegs should bend up and back (at about 45 degrees) to stop digging in etc.
  4. a common problem, although crashing is usually caused by banging the undercarriage into the ground suddenly rather than predictably scraping it along the road...
  5. I don't think you will come off unless you put all your weight on that foot at the same time. I've scraped em plenty of times, they just fold up. I have a friend who did come off due to what he thinks was a footpeg scrape however, the conditions weren't the best, it was late at night i think his tyres were cold and the road may have been moist. He did scrape the peg and said it was due to him putting the weight on it but I think the other things would have been greater factors. I've done quite a few corners whilst feeling them drag the whole way through till I steered the bike upright again and the footpegs scraping did not unsettle the bike in the least.

    I don't think it should be a concern but i'm no expert...
  6. i crashed my bmx once pedaling around a corner and the crank arm hit the ground


    also have very nearly crashed a bike when similar had happened, but not just scraping footpeg but frame too.. footpegs are spring loaded so when you touch down they fold up, its fine, but when you start bottoming frame etc on the road take it easy
  7. If you scrape too hard, it picks the wheels up of the road and you will low side.
    Cure for this problem, Slow down a bit, or lean your body more to keep the bike more upright,
  8. +1

    This is my feelings on the matter.

    Predictability in a corner generally keeps you on the rubber. I do know a guy who had his crash bars scrape and caused a crash though...
  9. yeah it happens,get some peg sliders (or make em)


    and try to get your weight a bit more outside the line of the bike(look at his head/body)

    when you can do those angles you can crash
  10. Yes, unexpected peg decking can lead to an off. The shock can cause an SR throttle off which funnily enough throws weight forward compressing the forks more, reducing clearance more, driving the peg in more and potentially leading to a low slide. Or you instantly try to straighten up and roll off which unsettling/destablising the bike, makes you run wide with all it's possible implications...

    If you deliberately deck the peg hard and quick enough, the chances of lifting the rear wheel go up. So another yes/maybe.

    Predictable peg scraping has a low probability of resulting in a crash - the bike has been designed to get that kind of lean angle... if you're folding up your pegs though, well, you're back to driving the probability up.

    Some degree of weight shifting or upper body leaning will reduce the likelihood of decking the pegs for the same speed.

    Edit: Lovin that pic slick! That's NUTZ!
  11. I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but I regulary scrape the pegs, and have never fallen of as a result.

    However, if you aren't expecting the pegs to scrape it can give you a bit of a shock, which could lead to you to panicing and make a mistake. Or, if you don't stop at scraping the pegs and continue leaning you could start scraping less flexible parts of the bike which can lead to the front or rear wheel being lifted which is not a good thing to have happen. But still, if you contol it, sit the bike up then lean again or if your lucky, you won't necessarily crash.
  12. I had a very minor moment last weekend when I managed to drag a toe (on my second ride out 8-[ ), did the silly thing of rolling off the throttle a touch and actually managed to accidentally click it up a gear.

    I was only pootling about turning onto Springvale Rd but I'm not sure I'd like to have made the same mistakes in the wet or at higher speed.

    Ok, so I'm a total noob but I agree with the general consensus that it'd be what your response was to scraping the peg that would put you off, not the peg itself.
  13. SR being a Survival Reaction? or more appropriately.. Sh*tting youRself?
  14. Gold! :grin: I prefer your definition. :)
  15. Yeah, I scraped centrestand when I was getting my Ps over here, the bike bucked and hopped, scared the living shit out of me. I'd been dragging peg all day, but I never want to get a stand on the ground again.
  16. i removed the "feeler knobs" from under my foot pegs due to them touching the ground on occasion.

    when the knee slider, toe slider on the boot, and the foot peg are all dragging on a sports bike, you know you're running out of tyre!
  17. Thanks for the responses :)

    To start with I'm going to have a think about my riding style and how I'm reacting to the pegs scraping.

    Then maybe I'll buy those Supermoto Foot peg sliders.

    Cheers and have a good long weekend.
  18. Seems everyone is making the assumption that ALL bikes have footpegs that fold. Well here's news for you folks - not all do.
  19. Many cruisers don't... But I thought every other bike had pegs that folded unless they had aftermarket rearsets.
  20. Exactly right mate...
    You can gently scrape all kinds of body parts on the the road...but if you are dragging heavily, hit a bit of a depression or such in the road surface and the bike compresses on the suspension, there is a fair chance that if it's the peg dragging, it will dig in, and pitch you off. Especially on bikes with softish suspension.

    Note...usually it's not the actual peg, as that folds up under the pressure - it's the peg mount or base of the peg where it pivots from that digs in.

    ie...I used to drag the peg feelers on the blade on the odd occasion....even used to unweight the inside leg a smidge so that the peg could fold up a bit, and I could get more lean angle...so I took the peg feelers off.

    Road surface is the key....if it's good, smooth and consitent then you won't have a prob, unless you do something stupid.

    I scraped everything on the Blackbird when I had it...