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Scrapheap Challenge - Superbikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Flibble, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. For this week's challenge, the teams must build superbikes, high-speed motorbikes, and race each other around the twisty Scrapheap circuit. If that wasn't enough, they are forbidden from using any original motorcycle parts they find on the 'heap.

    The Supermodels, model-making marvels from Bristol, are up against The Rescuers, roadside recovery technicians from Birmingham. The heat is on as the two teams compete in three head-to-head races in the battle to become superbike champions and progress to the next round.


    It was on this evening on ABC2 - don't know if it will be repeated later in the week or what. Missed half of it - bloody 'phone - but looked like a fun episode

    Mods - wasn't sure whether to put this in off-topic stuff - but it is sorta bike-related...
  2. what time is scrapheap on......never realised it was back on this year.....i watch it religiously, best show on tv imo :grin:
  3. It's on ABC2 aaaat 6.30pm I think? Not sure if that show is available on iView, but it's worth a look:


    Free viewing of anything there for iiNet users.
  4. I saw it last night, was a good show. One of the teams used an electric motor out of a Gopher, whilst the other team used a petrol generator. Both teams used space-saver wheels due to their curved edges. The team using the petrol generator had the faster bike, but crashed on the last corner of the race, so the team with the electric bike won.
  5. it was a fun ep to watch, although i missed most of the build stage, but i caught the race.
  6. It might be a bit contrived, but I love Scrappies :LOL:.
  7. /\ /\ Gotta Agree with that /\ /\
  8. read the topic title and thought someone issued a challenge to make a scrapheap out of superbikes... wouldnt be too hard :eek:
  9. Superbike episode is "Season10, Episode3" if one wanted to search the torrents for it..... :angel: