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Scraped a peg for the first time.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Woo hoo!! I've finally heard that wonderful sound of metal on bitumen as the peg goes crunch.

    Bit of an anticlimax though, was only doing about 30 in roundabout when I did it. Still nice to know I can get the pegs down...

    Now to deal with those pesky chicken strips... :LOL:

  2. well done there mate
    when i took the 1800 shadow down at HART i scraped the pegs as well
    was kind worried.... :shock:
    and also locked u the rear....the joy of riding a different bike
    curtaingirl was laughing at me all the way... :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I scrape my pegs all the time on my current bike. I think the suspension is too soft.

    I'll be doing bloody well if I can scrape peg on the ZX-6R
  4. I scraped my pegs last night on the way back home with my mrs on the back of my ZZR250..

    Oh wait, that was the centrestand.. crap :wink:

    PS. side note, is it even possible to scrape the pegs on a gpx or zzr 250?
  5. I've had the side of my shoe touch down while cornering before, while they where nice and centred on the pegs so i'm guessing so!!
  6. I make sure to scrape the toe sliders of my boots rather than the pegs on the motorised purse. Last time the peg touched down on the road, it REALLY touched down and lifted the rear off the road causing it to skip a couple of times. That was kinda exciting :shock:
  7. My first time scraping the pegs was at my P's license test doing the left and right hand turns.

    Was on one of their cb250s at the time! The guy taking the test told me I didn't get a better score for doing it though :(
  8. Only if you take the center stand off :)

  9. I got the pegs down tonight, but not under ideal conditions...

    Going up from the Westgate on to the Bolte with Cheng on the back plus luggage, tipped in at about 120 which is my normal attack speed with a passenger, usually the rear grips nicely with extra on the back.

    But the tyres were coldish, so was the road and I hit a bit of road repairs halfway up that must have had a bit of dew on it or something because the back stepped sideways about a foot and the left peg banged RIGHT down quite hard.

    Either poor reaction time or well practiced reflexes kicked in, who knows, but I left the gas on without panicking and the thing sorted itself out without further incident... Still not sure if I gave it too much throttle and it spun up, or it purely lost sideways traction. But yes, no further incident.

    Til we got home and I got a bit of a 'look.' Heh heh :shock:
  10. I hate getting the pegs down, (esp with my size 15 feets on them) so I put rearsets on... now I get the knee down... and the toe-slider... its hellabrutal getting Mettise rearsets down.
  11. my sidestand scrapes more on the left than my centrestand does. but the centrestand still scrapes on both sides... the first time i got the hero knobs down it sent me off the track and i took them off straight away.

    i'm going to try taking off the centrestand and grinding down the sidestand stop a bit so it folds up higher. it would also be a good idea to turn the rear preload all the way up. if that still sux then i'll have to make shorter dog bones for the suspension to make the back sit higher. then i'll need a longer sidestand too. seen this done to a zzr250 before.
  12. I think I know how you feel, Pete. I got my peg down for the first time coming home from work tonight. :grin:

    Did it on a right-hander around a roundabout. The sound and the vibration through my foot were a little weird at first, but then I did it again on the next roundabout.

    After doing it I just had to let out a "Woohoo!" as I rode home. I'm looking forward to doing it again. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. scraped the pegs for the first on the weekend while test riding the 600RR at HART. then again the massive rear sets could have aided my cause a little. I'm just glad that HART didn't take out that $2000 excess due to the damage. :grin:
  14. Centrestand off my GPX, have got peg and boot down, etc. It is possible.
  15. I ride a CBR 250 to school every day and I scrape my pegs at lest three or four times on the way there and the same on the way back (depending on traffic)
    And which route I take

    Is it just me or is the bike like that?
  16. if your on a 250 anything, dont worry about mods. your gonna upgrade anyway. im on an 89 cbr 1000. i scrape peg rarely, but the outer toes on my boots are a nice 45deg. yeah, i wear u.s. size 12. and as far as chicken strips, mine are nonexistant. ive gone right over the shoulder. the michelin man isnt on the rear anymore.
  17. I finally got the balls to lean more than I am comfortable and I reckon I was about 2 inches from scraping pegs. I thought it was pretty good for a first try :cool: .... of course it helps I am riding an FZR250 :LOL:
  18. On the FZR250 i used to scrape real pegs (not hero pegs) with the preload set to 7 (maximum rear height and stiffness). :grin: Twas fun days back then... now i haven't even gone near scraping the real peg (no hero peg on the LHS, only on RHS... cos of the exhaust).

    My claim to fame recently was doing the GOR at night. :D Completely different experience to riding it during the day... and if i hadn't have had a tinted visor it probably would've been a helluva thrilling ride. Still was fun, just wasnt keen to push it as hard without bein blinded from riding with visor up.
  19. I made a few sparks the other day up at the Black Spur when I was celebrating getting my P's :p:p
  20. Well done mate I useually hit me toes first :LOL: