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Scraped a peg 1st time ever

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gooza, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Out cleaning the bike proper after the last weekends ride to the GOR and Port Campbell with NedNed and co. Boot touched the ground once or twice as it's want to do sometimes. Thought I'll have a look at the pegs, and goddamn if I haven't actually taken maybe a whole millimetre off the left pegs pin thingy! Pretty chuffed am I. Next its knee down - in my dreams... Pretty happy with my little CB400!

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  2. Nice job!! I was wondering before if it were even possible to do on the CB ;). Standing upright there's so much space between the peg and the ground!
  3. I scraped a peg once.. made a hell of a mess of the car paint work, but yeah such is life :p
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  4. Hey Gooza, nice job ;)
    Next thing you'll know - knee on the deck :)

    I'm probably going to be Mr Obvious and you probably already know it, but I'll say this.

    I only rode with you a few times so a lot could have changed since.

    You're obviously getting very comfortable with higher lean angle and it can catch you out if you'll need to leans a bit more but won't be able to.

    Allow me to suggest you to use your upper body a lot more and even exaggerate it.
    That should give you a little bit more ground clearance for cornering.

    It's not a bad idea to raise the foot pegs too if you are up to that.

    But it's very important to use a lot more of the upper body. It'll give you huge advantage anywhere, in any situation.

    My usual disclaimer applies :)
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  5. Thanks dimadima , yes, getting more comfortable. I am sometimes leaning my upper body over, and sometime my ass across on the seat. Still experimenting, but in general right now I just try to get my central position on the bike and get comfortable with the lean factor. I am sure that it will be a once of, doubt it will be a habit I'm generally not pushing quite that hard. You hear different opinions dependent on who's giving the advise. Was told the other week by a 'qualified' instructor, that moving your ass side to side is unwarranted, so will start to lean over the upper body more in future. I still have much to learn. Cheers.
  6. Yeah - I was always told that scraped pegs don't count if you filed it off by hand. ;)

    Nah - well done to the OP - what are your chicken strips like? (Guessing there's nothing there at all)?
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  7. #8 Gooza, Feb 11, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2015
    No chicken strips on the rear, little bit on the front. Tyres are only 10 weeks old, so nice fresh rubber (PR4's), inspire much much more confidence than the 5 yo originals that were petrified and squared off :chicken: On a huge ride the other weekend, when the lead looked at me (the Slow Coach who spent whole trip on the speed limit more or less), looked at the tyres twice, and incredulously asked "has anyone else ridden this bike?" I was pretty chuffed. Sticking to the speed limit on a straight line doesn't necessarily mean cant ride through a corner leaned over at said speed limit :D (where possible)
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  8. Well, I've done once, now its your turn :couchpotato:
  9. Haha :) I'm not going to set out to deliberately try, but I'm thinking it probably won't be too long!
  10. I once scrapped the center stand chasing my wife wife on her M750. I forgot I had our son on the back making the bike a tad lower than usual.
  11. Those peg feelers are there for a reason. Can you guess what?
  12. To tell you you leaned over too far?
  13. To spray sparks in to the face of following riders...
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  14. Nice work....

  15. Nice. I'm a bit of a buffer rider, so I don't know the answer to this question - but what would the point be of raising the foot pegs then? Because from my limited experience viewpoint, it seems to me as though if you have no chicken strips left on the rear, that leaning any further will result in less tire contact with the road, wouldn't this be a bad move?

    I'm loving doing just the same thing - sticking at (or well below) the speed limit around corners. Some of the best corners I've taken have been at 40kph scraping the feet. Don't need to go fast to have fun - just need a good bit of road.

    I worry though once the police force everyone to drive 10kph below the speed limit out of fear of being booked for 2kph over and they have less people to book they'll be looking for other things - and doing any speed above a signed 'recommended' corner will be considered reckless driving even if it's doing 40kph in a 100kph zone. I hope I'm wrong, but unless the trends of some states change I think this will be the future in a decade or so...
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  16. I also hope your wrong ajriderajrider . Riding thru corners is the best feeling. Although running wide is not :bag: I'm not a fan of really really tight corners, prefer the 35-75 posted ones. You just 'flow' through them, simply awesome.
  17. Pretty much - Engineers design them so that you get a clear warning that you are getting to the point where you will use up the design lean angle and either start dragging some more significant part of the bike that could unload / lift the rear tyre or exceed the tyre's rated lean angle. It's imperative that you properly explore leaning your upper body and weight shifting to help the bike lean less.

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  18. Thanks robsalvvrobsalvv . I can tell you that it wasn't intentional to scrape it. (I never felt it, just the boot touching tar) But I agree, need to start moving my upper body more.
  19. Great work GoozaGooza , now teach me...