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scraped a dent in my fairing

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hammered, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Hey fellow netriders

    Here's my problem
    Last Saturday I got in to a crash from another car that drove away without me getting their number plate :(
    Anyway the story is hard to explain over the net but pretty much I had to swerve a car running a red light at 5:50 am Saturday morning and as I swerved I clipped the gutter seeing as the road I was on had a corner after the lights and the bike slid on the road while I went rolling.

    It was better for me not to go through insurance and to get the bike road worthy and I do the touch ups myself. I have abit of a hole in my fairing and I want to no if there is anything I can put in it A.K.A builders bog and then paint over it with heat resistant spray paint

    Any comments will be appreciated
  2. Best thing I can think of is using some fibreglass sheeting. You can get this from most auto shops (I think even K-mart have them), and they are quite easy to repair small holes. Don't know how well the end result will look, as I don't know how skilled you are, but cover from the inside as there will be some bulging.
  3. get it plastic welded.
    would cost about as much as fiberglass supplies
    and will last unlike glass+plastic