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scrap heap superbike challange 6:30 abc2

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by The_brick, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. On tonight ABC2 melbourne 6:30
    The scrapheap superbike challange

    For this week's challenge, the teams must build superbikes, high-speed motorbikes, and race each other around the twisty Scrapheap circuit. If that wasn't enough, they are forbidden from using any original motorcycle parts they find on the 'heap.

    could be interesting
  2. That does sound interesting. Thanks for the post. :cool:
  3. It's an excellent episode of an excellent series. I know who won, but I won't say!!
  4. thanks, brick

    Iz loved the trebuchet scooter fling. lol
  5. First time a trebuchet's ever worked on Scrappies

    Remember the Barley Pickers :LOL:.
  6. Hahahaha! Epic Fail!!!! :LOL:
  7. PROPER JOB!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I watched it. Not so bad.