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Scrambles Photoshop Phriday thread

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Scrambles, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Photos from the Supers trip:
    Here's one that we will no doubt see again:
    Sneaky little mexican

  2. The ledgend speaks...from the wrong end
    Lock up your daughters...and cats
    Yeah, well...I was lonely
  3. Your bored i can tell.
  4. More to come....

    don't think you escaped Woodsy....hheehehehehehehehehehehehe
  5. If Seasame Street the movie was to be made . . .

    I guess Oscar the Grouch and Beeker has been accounted for ! :rofl:

  6. Oh Micky, you've done it now... no-one insults Sesame Street and gets away with it...

  7. That wheelie bin image :shock: Where the hell was that taken? :rofl:


    Mate, I don't think you realise how funny that was.
  9. +1, where the fark did that come from?????
  10. By that stage your were....errr...otherwise disposed....

    I don't remember it but apparently he pushed me around for a while then ran me straight into a power pole. There are pictures of me on the ground surrounded by legs and arms of what I assume were innocent bystanders, which then regressed into a tickling match....ahhh Bourbon.
  11. [​IMG]I don't recall hearing any of that commotion :-k

    I do remember the neighbours blueing at some stage during the night. Whoever Eric is, he was in deep doo-doo :rofl:

    Love the pic of Jafu and Caz :grin:
  12. Nope, he's just an ugly bastard.
  13. CHIN POWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111ONEONEONEONEONE
  14. Where was my hair brush when I needed it? :shock:
  15. By the looks of it, on JAFU's chair...
  16. :rofl:

    Caz, we had helmets on and off all weekend, do you think anyone noticed [​IMG]
  17. geeez, the township of Cowes will never be the same !
    Woodsy, your a natural !! hahahha !

  18. What do you mean otherwise disposed? Geez Rosie! See what happens when you hardly ever drink alcohol ( :wink: ) and then you drink alcohol! You get 'otherwise disposed' ....whatever the hell that means! :? :LOL: :cry: ..tell me Scrambles - what does that mean cos I've no idea and I really really want to know.

    Rosie - never drinking like that again.