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SCP Runna/TGB A-Kros

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by r4vi, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a 2003/2004 (?) TGB A-Kros 2 Stroke 50cc, which is now known as the SCP Runna.

    According to SCP, when the new owners took over, they rebadged the A-Kros as the Runna - the only difference I can see between the new Runna and mine seems to be the ISS (yeah, whatever) and ABS.

    My problem is this: what is the motor based on? Noone will tell me - SCP wouldn't reply to my emails after confirming it is a Runna, and the stores locally I have talked to (in Brisbane) won't tell me or just say it's a Yamaha engine (which seems to be the standard spiel when selling a scoot - I think they believe it adds legitimacy to their scoots) or "we will upgrade it for $xxx".

    I want to upgrade myself, I'm quite happy to take a risk on a cylinder kit off eBay or something, but I need to know what the motor is based on! Is it Morini, Minarelli, Piaggio, what? Anyone?

    I need to know what cylinder kit, exhausts, variators, jets, carbs etc I can use. Everyone I have talked to has been about as useful as tits on a bull!

    I can't even get anyone to tell me what gearbox oil to use and how much! I sure as hell ain't forking out $130+ for someone to change the sparkplug and oil!

    I'm currently getting 80km/h indicated top speed now (downhill, 75 on the flat, with my legs tucked in) but it takes a bit to get there.

    To end up with a speed demon would be cool, but really I want more grunt on the hills so I don't get swamped by traffic, and a little more top end to keep up with the traffic in the 80 zone on the way to work. And not having to spend so much time at full throttle would be good - it can't be good for me poor old motor, and I'm chewing the juice)

    As an aside, once I get over about 68km/h I have to back off the throttle a bit to keep the power up - otherwise at full throttle above this speed, it drops off in power.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. (other than the obligatory twat responses like "get some pedals" or "get a real bike" - not that they worry me, I like veedubs too so I'm really not going to care less what they say - but they dilute the real discussion and get people off topic)
  2. Hey dude, the SCP Runna comes from China and still being imported as such. The TGB Akros tech comes from Taiwan and is still being imported; they are totally different scooters.

    Both are 50cc 2-strokes, I think the Runna engine is based on the Yamaha Jog engine; I think the TGB engine is based on a Suzuki engine.

    Any TGB dealer should be able to help you as both brands are imported by the same company.

    If your 50cc scooter is really doing 70 kph, it is a pretty fast already; all 50cc scooters are only legally allowed to do 50 kph in Qld; I think maybe all states except WA where they may be allowed 60 kph.
  3. Ok...

    I have a SCP Runna, with 10 inch wheels, badged as a TGB AKros (not TEC).

    To quote SCP:

    "To cut a long story short, old business owners-TGB Akros, new business
    owners SCP-Runna."

    After looking at bikepics.com, I reckon the old proprietors of SCP might just have pulled a swifty by calling it a TGB...While both have a little shelf in the footwell (really good for mobile phone, drink etc) that's as far as the similarities go.

    I have ascertained I have a Minarelli engine. Which is what I wanted...

    As I stated in my previous post, I am having a world of troubles finding someone who wants to help me...

    I haven't clocked it against a car to check real groundspeed vs speedo, but it gets up to 75 on the speedo and starts starving out on fuel. Either that or the CDI is breaking down/governing), but if I back off the throttle a bit the missing stops and I can get about 78...I have had it up to 85 downhill in the crouched semi-aerodynamic position.

    I had a talk to a plod the other day, he said "look, I'd rather you kept up with traffic than held people up so go for it" - methinks I will get around the problem of speed restriction by doing the QRide course and getting my open motorcycle licence. Then I can do what I want in regards to mods and noone will care...

    If I can get it to 80 real groundspeed cruise, with good pickup and enough grunt for the hills, I will be an extremely happy chappy. Based on what it is doing now, and the fact I can drag off Vespas and Jives (even with my paltry 100kg) I should be able to get it to do that easy.

    Exhausts are the pricey item though...I can get a el cheapo (like I care that much) cylinder kit off eBay for AUD $125 landed in Oz, but the cheapest I have seen a half decent exhaust is $220 (nothing like a Leo Vinci of course, but should do the job well enough for a cheap arse bastard like me).

    A bigger jet, drop the roller weights by a gram of two, and Bob's your uncle! Kevlar belt when this one wears out, maybe a 17mm-20mm carb, and it will be kickass!

    Of course, by the time I do all this and have done QRide, I would of course been better off with a 100-125cc scoot, but hotting them up is soo cool an idea, I just want to do it!

    I would be interested in someone measuring their wheel diameter on the 12" Runna so I can see what the difference is between the Runna and my scoot with the 3.50x10 rubber. I reckon the ride would be nicer with the 12s...

    Anyways, I love my scoot for one simple fact: storage! I have heaps of it, I can get a phone call from my wife before I leave work, and pick up all the groceries she wants! I've had bike riders look at me with my 4 full shopping bags and and helmet, shake their heads, only to see their jaws drop when I fit it all in my scoot and they are having troubles with their miniscule amounts!