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Scotty's June Jaunt

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ScottyOZ, May 15, 2010.

  1. Quoted from Calendar:
    Sun Jun 20th, 2010
    [QLD] Scotty's June Jaunt
    Skill Level: 4 (hover mouse over rides classes at the right for a full description)

    Meet at Caltex Nerang (west of M1) at 7:45 for 8am depart.
    Just under 400kms of lovely roads south and west of there. Mostly country roads so some are a little bumpy but nothing scary. 140kms is the longest stint between fuel availability.
    Suited to competent/advanced riders only please as the pace will be fairly quick and the rest stops will be fairly short otherwise the day will get really long. Sorry but it's not really suited to 250cc/learners.
    PM me with any questions or your details if you are attending.

    (Added on Fri May 14th, 2010 by Scott Watson)

    A bit more of a "sports" ride than a social one like the last few SEQ netrider rides. Pace will be a bit quicker and stops will be shorter and further apart in places. PM me if you have any questions or are unsure if the ride is for you and I can let you know some more details.
    If you are attending PM me your:
    Name (real name please)
    Bike Details (make/model/colour/rego)
    Your Contact Details
    Emergency Contact Details (name/phone number/relationship to you eg.wife/brother/father etc.)

    I think that about covers everything :)

    17SJS (maybe)
    shaneo25 (maybe)
  2. Definitely in Scott! (as you already know)
  3. Yeah I had already added you to the list Dan.
    Not any others inerested yet. Might have scared them away with the distance and slightly faster pace.
  4. Count me as a maybe, workload pending. Would be good to get out at a decent pace again after following geeth through the Gold Coast hinterland a couple weeks ago. Starting to really enjoy this Gixxer... :p
  5. We are not rediculously quick in the open stuff as the naked bikes are not the most comfortable above 160-180 leptons but we are generally pushing reasonably hard in the corners.
    Haven't seen your GSX-R since the Kilcoy Run but it did look ace :)
  6. wouldnt say scared off , just catious, as speed means tickets, tickets mean less money and loose licence, then tears as cant ride bike.
  7. Ben your bike was designed for this ride mate, you will enjoy it, just ride sensibly when required ;)
  8. I'm keen for this

    I think I've got about a 200km max fuel range.
    And If I don't like the pace, I'll give you a wave and see you next time.
  9. Yes i know the bike can do it, I on the other hand, dont have the confidence yet.
  10. Reccy run will be happening on the 6th of June to work out the finish time etc. Should be about 3:30-4pm depending on length of stops etc.
  11. Yeah count me as a maybe, again work pending....
    Could be a fun ride, sometimes better with small groups...
  12. Yeah I'm hoping for only a small group (6-10) would be good. I'm trying to get Dougs or Kell to come along too.
  13. Hope Doug comes, I wouldn't mind seein wat that bike of his is really like...
  14. Dougs bike is lots of fun and he can certainly hustle it along very quickly. I had a ride of it on the NSW trip. It feels like a big dirtbike with a huge dose of steroids.
  15. Hahaa sweet as, sounds like my kinda bike lol....
  16. Would love to come along, But my sister will be down and taking the son out. So quality time with missus > riding :p
  17. Mind if I join in for the reccy run? won't be here for the actual day but would enjoy a ride with a bit more "pace"...
  18. Yeah you are welcome to join me for the reccy run. If I'm too slow you can jump on ahead I don't mind. I'll send you a PM.
  19. Scott I won't be joining you for the Reccy Run mate, gonna do a morning ride with Rob as I have stuff to do in the arvo.

    Still a definite for the 20th though :D
  20. How was the Reccy Run??