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Scotts Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hottarmac, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. A few months ago I was riding my bike to work when it broke down nearly in front of Scotts Motorcycles (Princes Hwy,Arncliffe) the electric power suddenly gone, then I decided to repair the bike in Scotts Motorcycles, apparently the regulator/rectifier died, they charged me $500 for the regulator/rectifier and $200 for the labor...Judge for yourself.

  2. I broke down in a country town once and they charged me $4.50 for a meat pie and $3.50 for a coffee.
  3. I can understand the labour costs creeping up due to diagnosing the problem. However, I'm pretty sure a regulator/rectifier for my bike is less than $100.

    Might be worth getting some competitive quotes on the part and challenging the bill.
  4. Creating an account and making your first (and only) post a complaint about a business?

    Poor form, sounds like you're just an unhappy competitor :p
  5. Chinese regulator rectifiers can be less than $50.

    Manufacturer rectifiers can be close to $300 I've heard. Honda wanted $249 for mine, CBR600F4. That was a fuel pump regulator relay.

    Would take a while to diagnose the issue, there is a bit of labor there.

    Ended up having to buy a 2nd hand relay for $140 :( They spent 3-4 hours on it, no surprise, I am pretty sure some bolts were jammed up.

    This was not at Scott's.

    In the end I had my bike's relay replaced, and serviced sans brake pads + fluid, for $718. Essentially paid $450 for the relay, almost the same issue as you.

    You were ripped hard.

    EDIT: As an example, when I was new to motrcycling, the mechanic at NRP motorcycles, now liquidated & closed down, charged me $900 for a new clutch, for a naked GS500... The parts were less than $200. He essentially charged 7 hours labor. Total bullshit. Caringbah Motorcycles changed me ONE, yes, ONE hour to install a new clutch into my zzr250.

    Hit & miss on dickheads mate, tough luck.
  6. That crossed my mind too. However, I figured that there was no harm in taking the post at face value.
  7. In that spirit, I had my regulator / rectifier on my ZZR250 replaced about a month ago with a heavy-duty after-market model for $200 plus about $88 in labour.

    hottarmac, please introduce yourself, tell us what you ride, where ya from, etc.
  8. Dont feed the troll.
  9. They hate Phil Collins
  10. No I am not an unhappy competitor I am an unhappy ripped off customer. Just I want let you know guys what happened and if with that I can help to some one in some way I would be happy. There is not many good/honest mechanics out there and some feed back could be useful (as long as it does't come from competitors)
  11. Have you taken it up with Scotts?
  12. Friend of mine got quoted in that region for a rec/reg inc labour. That wasn't at scotts but at one of the richmond workshops.
  13. That could be a reasonable price mate. I ride a Street Triple.
  14. What's probably happened here is Scotts Motorcycles has phoned up their nearest Triumph dealership, bought a genuine R/R (which they would get 10-20% off RRP depending on the strength of their relationship), added 50% margin so they can make a profit selling the R/R to you, and then added freight. This is how a ~ $375 part ends up costing you $500.

    As for the labour, if my mechanic can diagnose the problem, replace the R/R, replace the indicator relay (burnt out by a faulty R/R), and replace the front brake pads for one hour's labour, so can the other mob.

    Don't worry mate, you win some and lose some, chalk it up to experience. :)