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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by skunkape, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. I am thinking of getting a Scottloiler for the bike just to save the hassel of lubing up constantly

    Anyone have any Ideas bout them ???
  2. The peeps who have them swear by them. I don't and I still got 40k out of the last chain just using spray lube every 1 000k (on a Yammie 850).

    If you don't use O or X ring chains they'd prob. be worth the $$.
  3. I have one. It's handy when you're clocking up a few thousand kilometres in a few days. Saves some hassle. Dispense rate: drops per minute generaaly needs to be increased in wet and colder weather. But, with two types of oil now there may be less need to play with that.
  4. had one years ago, and i was impressed. Especially great for touring long distance as you wont have to oil the chain every 600km, or after rain etc etc
    as rsser said i get around 40k from a chain with spray lube and a good clean out every two weeks but i did find on the same bike with the scottoiler i went through a chain aprox around the 65k mark and without the oiling ever few days crap
  5. thinking bout the fitting one to my blackbird. Hey shabby, how do ya manage 40k out of a chain? myself and a mate both at best 25k.
  6. Have a look for revken's loobman thread, he might have one or two spare...
  7. On my bike it was a bit of a fiddle getting it all set out just right but it was worth every minute and every cent
    In the last three thousand ks the chain has barely moved, its always lubed up and has not affected the bike in any way

    The kit arrives with many parts to give you different options on how to mount it
    Go online and do a search for your bike type to see if anyone else has one mounted

    Thumbs up its a great product!!!!