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Scottoiler – Single Vs Dual Injectors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ojay, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Hey all

    can anyone say they feel there is a noticable benefit to the dual injector setup?
    I realise the logic is sound but in practice does it add up to significant extra miles from a set of chain and sprockets?

  2. I've got the dual injector but, in hindsight I wouldn't bother. It's expensive for what you get and it's more awkward to set up than the single nozzle. As for extra chain life, I doubt if it makes much difference over the single nozzle but I have no objective evidence to back that opinion.
  3. Thanks, Pat.
    I'm reluctant to shell out for the dual head but would like to know if there are peeps around who've tried both and having done so would swing one way or t'other.
  4. I have the single and covers the chain in oil efficiently, don't see the point of the extra expense of the dual.
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    The dual injector's expensive and I really don't feel like shelling for it but it seems a more rigid setup. If I consider what's happening it makes sense that the far side would suffer for not having and equal share.

    Anyone found an alternative to the £25 part? I guess if I'm worried about it I should just spring and forget it.

    I am curious about how much of a difference it makes though.
  6. I have dual nipples on my Duc ... you need to check the positioning of the nipples after tyre changes or other mechanical fidding with bits around the arse end ... some mechanics are not familiar with the setup of Scotoilers. Both me and my guy have lost a nipple or two from misalignments after tyre changes.

    Hint to noobs >>> order spare nipples. :D
  7. Ooer...*!
    I guess that proves the dual injectors are extra saucy.

    Ahem. Back on topic.
  8. Ok, well I guess a single is a good place to start. I'd still love to hear from anyone who has experience using both and has come to a conclusion about the value of a dual-head in comparison.

    Thanks, all.
  9. Been keeping an eye on the bay for a while now and have found that it is extremely rare for a dual-injector unit to come up.

    I wonder if that says anything about the efficacy of the single injectors..
  10. Do single injectors come up ?

    I am not sure that fleabay is necessarily a good reference point. I ordered both of my purchases straight from the company... I aint always especially interested in the bestest bargain .. I like to give credit (and my dosh if I so choose) to a company that produces a good product.


    The dual units are solid ... the one on my Duc has been in place 4 years. My thoughts are that the dual nips keep the unit aligned but that could all be just in my head as I have no objective research data to back it up.

    Here is a thread on ADVrider ... some interesting comments .. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=653285

    No system is perfect and there is no such thing as 'maintenance free' :cool:
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  11. Sure, they do over here.

    Well, right now it's the only one I've got. There's very little discussion around single vs dual-injector that I've been able to find anywhere, certainly I've not seen any specific comparison of the two from the perspective of a person with extensive experience with both. I guess you could argue that that indicates that one is as good as the other. Could just be that it's an inherently boring subject though, too.

    Nice one - hadn't seen that thread before, ta.