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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stokedpaz, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Don't get me wrong, I love beer and all, but how good is a good scotch!
    Sitting here watching F1 drinking and 18yr old Chivas. Saving the single malts for a nice late MotoGP!

  2. oh mate, single malt is an expensive taste to acquire. My all time favourite is a Port Ellen Distillery 25 year old, goes for around $200 a pop when you can find it. Thank god a bottle lasts me at least a week ;)
  3. There is ONLY Single Malt.

    Blended is inferior. Not undrinkable, just inferior.

    Life is too short.

    Get a good single malt and enjoy !!!
  4. Have not tried that one Blacke. Will have to give it a whirl if I can find it.
    21yr old Glenlivet is still in it's box. Not the greatest, I know, but was a present and still damn good.
    I have an open bottle of Glenfiddich 12yr old which is okay, but for a blend this 18yr old chivas is going down quite nicely!
    A mate of mine has a nice laphroaig which is really nice for a 10yr old. I think it's a pretty good bang for your buck scotch.
  5. I love my single malts. Always drink them straight up. Dont destroy them with ice or coke, thats for blends.
    Forget chivas, despite what people say. As Vlad says, blended is shitful.

    Me, either glenfiddich 21 year, laphroiag (strong taste though), or glenlivet are the staples, though ive tried many others.
    There are better ones, but price vs quality (ie, a good blend is nothing compared to a low-mid level priced single malt), but they are a good level.
  6. I'm a fan of the islands. I prefer Lagavulin to Laphroaig but will happily drink them both :D Also Ardbeg has just made it into my top 10 ... Talisker is also like drinking a campfire if that's your tastes :D
  7. Not a massive fan of Talisker. Will Also have to try Lagavulin.

    Mr Messy, I usually drink straight up. Sometimes even from bottle. Although at times 2 ice cubes are also got to add as it slowly changes the flavour as they melt. Can be an interesting journey through a glass.

    Will never mix a scotch with coke. If I have a cheap shitty scotch it has to go with dry ginger ale. Coke bites dog balls!
  8. Laphroaig is a nice drop, but a little bit too peatty for me, but then again I am a bigger fan of Irish Whiskey than I am Scotch.
  9. I'm not a label drinker. That's wasted on me. But that's mainly because I know someone that distills his own drop. His double distilled Glenfiddich copy is about the smoothest thing I've ever tasted. Or been able to drink neat. I reckon you're being conned personally. No offense.
  10. Don't really know the rubbish from the good stuff, but I love me some scotch:beer:

    One of the last weddings I attended had about $400 left on the tab at the end of the night... 5 minutes and seven glasses of scotch later... :D
  11. I don't like the peaty scotches as much as the ones without hence I'm a Highland's kind of guy.

    I too like a bit of ice. I think the flavours are more pronounced when the scotch is slightly diluted.

    Just polished off a bottle of Dalwhinnie 15yo which was pretty good.

    These days I have a glass or two every couple of weeks.
  12. [​IMG]

    Never been able to develop an appreciation. Tried the cheap stuff, tried the expensive stuff. Tried it neat, on ice, in a mixer, it all still tastes like drinking petrol. I don't understand how people can drink it.
  13. Oh yes! Dalwhinnie is a nice little drop - very fruity, good as an aperitif.

    After dinner my preference is for the Islay malts - so Laphroaig or Lagavullin.
  14. If only good scotch was cheaper...
  15. My favourite is Chivas 21. I have a glass most weeks so my significant other doesn't mind getting me a new bottle every time i run out as it takes me close to a year to get out.

    Am yet to try a single malt, any good recommendations?
  16. I get it discounted :)
  17. I always knew I liked you.
  18. bwahahaha good try :p

    if you pay me the money, i can get 10% off maybe, and depending on the stock, might be able to get 50% off...

    definitely 5% off all the time.
  19. Sounds like you need to find a better beer.

    Never been a fan of scotch myself. I've tried some very expensive single malts before but they all still taste like scotch. Beer on the other hand comes in a huge variety of styles - one for every occassion possible :) :beer:

    If I'm going to drink spirits I'd rather a decent bourbon or rum (which of course means not Jim Beam or Bundaberg, for the same reasons I don't drink Crown Lager).
  20. Blends aren't always inferior. My fav is Johnny blue when ever I have a little coin to burn and have a friend venturing into duty free.

    But beer is my main love. I'm into my craft brewing and always have a few kegs of all grain brew in my fridge.