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Scorpious31 finally found and decided on his next ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Scorpious31, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Yep after 6 months of looking and asking advice and a few weeks of test riding I finally found it. :woot:

    A 2000 GPXF 750.Picked it up Wednesday Night after work and rode it the next day to work.It was a little daunting with the power and repsonsiveness compared to the GZ250 so I basically took it easy. :eek:

    Friday Today 13/10 I just had to take her out even if it was pissin down with rain.I got to know her a little better and even had the seat shaved 10 mm and now she feels great and I am comfortable with haveing more foot on the floor when stopped. :grin:

    To anyone that reads this that passed on there advice I Thank You for your comments and help,you gave me plenty to ponder. :beer:

    I dont know how to put piccys into a post but as soon as I get some taken I will add a link to my profile :|

    Oops sorry forget what I called it lol its a GSXF 750 ...(Slaps himself for not knowing his own bike)
  2. NIIIICCCEEEE! Great looking bike there mate. I like the flowing lines of the GSXF. Must be pretty crazy going from a laid back cruiser (not to mention it was a 250) to a big road bike.

    I'm certainly looking forward to my upgrade.
  3. NIIIICCCEEEE! Great looking bike there mate. I like the flowing lines of the GSXF. Must be pretty crazy going from a laid back cruiser (not to mention it was a 250) to a big road bike. How have you found the transition?

  4. congrats on the upgrade.... they are a solid 750 and by all reads a great bike for touring, you should hopefully get years out of it....... BTW you had me scratching my head trying to figure out what a GPXF750 was.... :? :?
  5. Yeah it is a completely different riding style all together takeing a bit to get used to which means I have to go out and ride it more :grin:

    Still cant stop smiling as I have now acheived a childhood dream of haveing a reasonably big bike.

    Now I got to find a maintainance manual and/or workshop manual.
  6. Ah that's a lovely machine Shaun, Suzuki did more than just stick an engine in a frame with that one.
    Enjoy.. :grin:
  7. Congratulations, I'm sure you'll enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine! :)
  8. nice bike

    Hey Scorp, congrats! That's a lovely bike, my dad rides the same one, though i think an older one.

    can't wait to see yours!
  9. Nice bike. Enjoy it.
  10. Congrats on the new bike :)
  11. Congrats mate! I can't see the bike linked on your profile but maybe that's because work blocks personal storage sites etc...
  12. Nice choice mate...

    I had a GZ250 years ago, and I can imagine the step up to a 750 would be pretty darn scary. Good luck and keep it shiny side up...
  13. hehehehehe ya short bugger.

    I admit i had to go look on bikepics.com to see what a GSX750F looks like, but i'm glad i did cause it looks like a great bike mate. Well done.

    and i look forward to seeing it at the next pub meet in a couple of weeks.

    :biker: :woot: :woot:
  14. Nice bike, and +1 for the colour! I've seen a few around - yours looks way better than the red ones I've seen.
  15. I agree about the red. Not sure why, maybe it'd look better with the silver wheels Suzuki used to fit rather than the black (or is it dark grey?) ones the GSXF comes with now.

    These bikes look really good in dark blue, IMHO (mine's black - I can live with that).
  16. I think the way the fairings are styled slightly contribute - they are 'flowing' as one person has said, 'slightly bulbous' could also be used :)
    In red it just looks like the paint has been put on way too thick.
    They should probably use a darker red, methinks.

    Kinda reminiscent of a drop of blood on your skin.

    But none of this worries Scorpious 'cause he got the sexeh silva!
  17. Thanks all.

    I must admit that the colour did have a bit of play in the decision.

    To me it looks a bit like Gun Metal Blue.
  18. Good step up from 250 to 750 and a nice bike too.