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Scorpion Race Gear - Massive Price Jump!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mcbigg, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Have begun to get serious at getting a set of leathers so that I can go to a track day or two.

    A week ago I went to the Scorpion Raceger website and had a look, because I'd heard that they are good quality for the price. Their suits were advertised (a week ago) at around $600, I'd almost decided to put in an order in with them.

    I've just had another look, and the cheapest suit is now $799.

    Thats a massive price jump in just a week!

    Think I'll be Ebaying for my suit now. I've seen a couple that look as good as Scorpion's gear for around $500.

    Have Scorpion got a little greedy?
  2. No he's running a business and working a full-time job and trying to balance them both, and if you don't sell stuff for a reasonable margin, there's no point being in business.......
  3. Looks like he's gonna go bust then.
  4. try RM or underdog.... steady as a rock those two :wink:

    (i know i'm mates with craig at RM, and thats all i ride in, but respect is given where its deserved :) )
  5. crazy, thats the first place i ever went diving at!! in late july, wearing a thin quicksilver surfing suit.... my knackers took hours to warm back up :LOL:
  6. LOL, It's pretty damned cold. I first went in a similar wetsuit, but now have a 7mm semi-dry. I still begin to feel the cold by the third pond. Not as badly though.

    I went there again last weekend. Its dying I reckon. I think too many divers are going and stirring up the silt from the bottom, which is then settling on all the plants, blocking their sunlight and killing them. Beginning to look pretty yucky.
  7. was 8 years ago when i went (dont i feel old now :shock: ) and despite the reverse shrinkage and inability to hold a beer properly till i''d been sitting in front of the fire for a couple of hours, i thought it was fantastic. amazing just how clear it looks when you're under eh. and i've seen some vids of my uncles cave diving.... now THATS some crazy shit, bike riders have no bollocks compared to that :LOL:

    my uncle has since told me i can have his old dry suit, stoked with that, i just gotta get up and go diving with him again (its been a couple of years now since i've been under)
  8. Underdog prices have gone up aswell, one piece are now 1100 or so up from 800.
  9. thats the verona suit, first one i had..... dunno what the go is there, either someone has gotten on to craigs manufacturer and is playing the undercutting game, or someone else is making the same suit in paki :?

    anywhichway, yes, i was quite happy with the quality. sold it cos i wasn't using it at the time and needed some $$$, then got a 1 piece suit off him that i never used. i've since put together his website for him and helped him out with other stuff (which has been rewarded) so my opinion should probably not be taken so much as a consumer anymore :wink:
  10. The supplier from Paki that RMgear buy from is not hard to find.
    Took me all of 5min to find, he uses the same pics off there site so was easy to match :)

    They will also add any logo to the items for you, so three shops can be selling same gear all with diff logos on them.

    Two piece suit is $155USD to buy direct from Paki plus post.
    Anyone want details just PM me.
  11. If everybody's prices are up, then what's the problem with Scorpion's prices (not arguing with you Dale)?

    Maybe they're running out of cows :LOL: "
  12. WOO! HOO! i've dived there too! :grin: back in 2003 :oops: cold yes, but good times, drifting with the current through the interconnected ponds was amazing. it's been years since i've dived, i miss it :cry: ..i don't miss the cold though i'm a girly man when it comes to that.

    2-piece 7mm wetsuit and i was still cold most of the time.
  13. Also be aware that Spyke Leathers, the VERY expensive Italian mobike clothing company, get their stuff manufactered in Romania. Dracula's homeland.
    I know I have one...I chuck a cruifix on top of it at nite when I take it off to make sure it doesn't get any ideas. :cool:
  14. Suits turn up on Ebay all the time fairly cheap, I bought a set of AXO 2piece leathers for about $650 off there, but sold them again to get my Collins 1piece for $770, which is probably the best bargain I've ever got.
  15. I've just bought the suit off eBay, brand new, for $550 including delivery.

    The guy was very helpful in making sure that I got the correct size, and delivery took 4 days after payment went through.

    I am very happy with the service, and the guy has plenty more suits by the look of it. So get onto eBay and save yourself some dough!

    (By the way, why the hell was my post - with a link to the suit in eBay- deleted from further up this thread??? Some over-zealous moderator with a vested interest in Scorpion or RM by any chance?)
  16. You better post up the internet addy you got the suit from again mate, I'd like to have a look meslf thanks.
  17. lol Nice theory there Hornet. I do believe, however, that the reason for Craig (SRG owner) increasing his prices is due to a change of distributor. I believe he no longer uses Paki leather products (used to be the same distributor as RM as far as i am aware) and has changed to a new leather distributor. This is in conjunction with his own designs so he can start to build his own "look" that people may be able to associate him with!!

    This is why you will notice that the 'Tattoo' Leather jacket is no longer on the website (new design on the way) and the 1 piece/2 piece leathers are the new blade design (the jacket is the top half od the Blade suit) and his old suit is being run out at the original cheap price.

  18. Blade suit? I can ride around looking as cool as Wesley Snipes...hell I can't wait mate. :cool:
  19. http://stores.ebay.com.au/AUSTSALES-DIRECT

    The suits are on page 2 and 3.