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Scorpion Helmets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by autonomy, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Anybody riding with Scorpion helmets?

    Need to replace my aged Shark Vision-R in L, which is about 5-6 years old and had a couple knocks and I need something more track focussed these days.

    I have a yellow/gold n black bike, and you'd be surprised at how difficult it is to find a helmet with some yellow that isn't some ed hardy looking bullshit, but thats a moto gear problem in general.... Have also been looking at something with a carbon fibre style, but they tend to be $500-700 and up, which is out of my price range.

    Came across Scorpion helmets which seem like great value and their most recent range has some really good designs and a lot of yellow featured. Basically considering the Ravin EXO-R2000, which seems to have some solid features for a more track based helmet style.

    Scorpion EXO-R2000 Ravin Hi-Viz Helmet

    Haven't seen this stocked in AU? Anybody know if they are on sale anywhere? Anybody have any fit experience with Scorpion's or any opinions at all?
  2. I think my son had one. I'd have to check. He didn't like it, 'whistled like a biatch' apparently.

    Umm, why are you so concerned about getting a helmet to match your bike?
  3. I can imagine riding along and a scorpion crawls across the inside of your visor, worse than a spider helmet!
  4. #4 autonomy, Aug 17, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2016
    online reviews do seem to mention some models are a little loud. otherwise the performance features seem to be very positive hmm..

    my default preference for most things would be black or carbon fibre weave but it'd just be nice i'm quite tied to my bike and use it for commuting + track days. it'd just be a nice bonus to have everything fit well. I don't believe in spending $1k on the best lids like an AGV pista's or Shoei X-14's, but even if I did then i'd have to ride around with some ridiculous red ant marquez MM93 design. love marquez, thats but not my bag.

    also i've had a couple helmets over the last 10 years and like i said i've just always found it curious how there is a huge lack of helmets with decent designs that are gold or yellow, but obviously every other combo of bike colour from black, white, green, red, blue is covered well. it's all horribly lame graphics or bog standard hi-viz yellow stuff.

    the shoei x-12 chris vermeulen was about the only decent one i can remember for the last decade. seems to have changed only very recently in my estimation and i keep an eye out a couple times a year at least..

  5. You're talking to a bloke who doesn't give a rats arse about the colour of the helmet. I go in the shop, I try them on, the one the fits is the one I buy.
  6. I have had 3 Scorpion helmets in the past and I had been more than happy with each one. For the price you really can't beat it. They were a tad noisy as previously pointed out, however I always rode with ear plugs anyways which is something we should all do to fend off tinnitus. According to the link you posted you are prepared to drop 3 clams on a new helmet. I would highly advice you to look into AGV helmets. I currently own two of their K-4 Evo helmets and couldn't be happier with them. They are AGV's lower end helmet but still a totally solid/best bang for your buck helmet. I have heard and seen first hand that fitment for these helmets can be hit or miss based on your head shape. You should make sure to try one on in a shop (cycle gear) etc first. I figure if pro moto GP riders can wear AGV K4's then it is certainly good enough for me out on the street. :] Good luck with your selection. Just make sure to try what ever you are thinking about buying in a shop first as nobody likes dealing with online returns etc.
  7. I had a Scorpion EXO-1000 5 years ago ...I can't give the helmet enough kudos. Really solid helmet, I found mine was great on wind noise and the features they come with for the price tag is amazing. I can confirm you can't buy them in Australia right now and that's because of the difference in certifications right now. They don't comply to the Australian Standard, they comply to the European Standard, which is being introduced here shortly from what I've been told.

    The only way to get one is order online (like I did). It didn't take long to arrive and replacement visors were the same; all nice and quick.

    I also agree totally with Hot Wheels ...while Scorpion is a great helmet, I have an AGV K3-SV and for the price it's on par with Scorpion, but the bonus is you can buy one now as they are on shelves in Australia. The only thing I will say is the dropdown Visor in the AGV is shorter than the one in the Scorpion helmet, which can cause wind to be pinpointed at your retinas if your main visor is open; which is a little uncomfortable ...at least until your eyeballs go numb.

    One thing though the Scorpion has over my AGV is the pump up internal liner. As the helmet gets a bit more well worn, or on windy days, you can pump up the inner liner to really anchor it to your head; a feature which I noticed a couple other manufacturers are incorporating now (Shark I think is on?) ...

    All in all; If you want a Scorpion - I support the decision if you can wait for it to arrive. Otherwise for a comparable price; AGV is a good, 'Currently-On-The-Shelf' option.
  8. Once owned a Scorpion but found it comparatively heavy compared to Shark and Shoei.