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Scorpion Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dewy, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, have had some interested in buying one of the Scorpion EXO-1000 helmets but I was looking on the bikebiz website and they have a disclaimer saying they are not available in australia anymore (any of the scorpion range), I was just wondering why this was the case, there is a dealer who sells them near me but I want to know if they just pulled out because they didn't see a market or was it a safety thing?

  2. firstly - EXCELLENT use of punctuation. very easy to understand ;) :p

    secondly, a simple google search brought up a few good results for me... it looks like they couldn't get an Australian Certification, thus they are illegal to wear in Australia. My net is slow, however, so I can't look more into it.
  3. I can't tell if the punctuation thing was serious or not, its definitely not one of my finest examples ha.

    And oops. I remembered to search the net rider forums but not the whole internet. So how were these helmets being sold if they were not certified? Is it legal to sell a non certified helmet in Australia?
  4. not illegal to sell. i'm very surprised with this news, looks like scorpion counted their chickens a tad too early
  5. Yes it is illegal as a commercial entity to sell a product that has a mandatory standard applied to it, fines are 220,000 for an individual and 1.1 million for a company if that product does not comply with the said mandatory standard

    check section 65c of the trade practices act 1974

    DO NOT EVER BUY A HELMET THAT SAYS "RACE ONLY USE ETC " they are 100 % illegal to sell in Australia - you have no recourse under any manufacturers product liability insurance should the item fail. As such you would only be able to sue the importer who is by law in Australia deemed to be the manufacturer.

    If it were legal to do it I would have sold 1000 of my helmets by now but instead I have to go through the legal process of AS1698 certification
  6. my bad, i feel so dumb making such a claim
  7. Dont feel dumb --- you were just not aware -- before I got into the helmet business I had the same opinion as you did about "race only use"

    In fact I told some guys who were selling non compliant moto X helmets they are setting themselves up for a world of hurt -- they didnt believe me and I said -- okay go pay a lawyer $1000 to tell you what i just told you for free
  8. Do they say that because on a track you're covered by the tracks insurance? Or because you can wear what you want on them? Or because the track is a controlled environment so crashes are different? *shrug*
  9. What it is about is that a commercial entity is not allowed to make available to the public by means of sale, hire, lease etc a product that does not meet mandatory standards ( like AS1698 ) - it all has to do with the interest of public safety in the Trade Practices Act legislation

    The governing racing authorities do not sell helmets they are not a commercial body doing this so they allow you to use helmets with other standards such as DOT and ECE etc

    Consider visiting motorcycle racers and motor car racers -- they wont buy a local AS1698 helmet for use on a weekend would they - rather they bring their own with them , the rules of the governing racing bodies are to make allowances for this.