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Scorpion Exo Stinger Glove Review

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Something of a follow on from my other thread:

    Once again these were a cheap clearout item from Bikebandit, at just $32

    I had been looking for some summer gloves, and although I considered going for a pair of dirtbike gloves the lack of knuckle protection in most of those was putting me off the idea. A lot of the summer leather gloves (both cheap and expensive) seemed to have a similar lack of any sort of armour.

    So my main reason for going with the Scorpions was simply that they were the cheapest pair of summer gloves with any sort of knuckle protection, even if it is just plastic rather than carbon fibre. Construction of the gloves is a little unusual in that the top portion is perforated leather (goatskin), however the underside/palm is made from a synthetic material which feels a lot like very soft suede. Whether this would protect as well in a crash as leather I've no idea, but I don't consider it important since in all the times I've crashed mountain bikes, and motorcycles, not once have I ever landed palms down on the ground (I have had my knuckles hit the ground plenty of times though).

    The gloves are quite a snug fit, and are particularly narrow right at the very opening. I did actually struggle to get them on at first, but they're gradually getting better as the leather stretches. This to me is actually preferable to the problem I usually have with gloves, which is that I can never adjust the wrists tight enough to fit well. So they're ideal if, like me, you have skinny wrists - but probably not going to be suitable for people with fat wrists. Everything else in terms of fit, like finger length, seems absolutely spot on to me - which is good given that I picked size purely off the basis of their sizing chart (measuring the distance around my hand).

    Out on the road the amount of airflow through the leather isn't particularly noticeable - but then I didn't notice my hands sweating like they do in the solid leather gloves I normally wear. Being a slightly shorter length also helps, at least in terms of cooling. As with any new pair of gloves my hands were hurting a bit after the first ride as a result of stretching in the new leather, so I will have to wait and see what they're like after a month or so of use. The synthetic suede on the palms/fingers I'm actually quite liking. Not only does it seem to grip the bars very well but it also seems to help wick away moisture and prevent sweaty palms.

    In terms of quality, they seem pretty good for a cheap glove. Quality control does leave a little to be desired though as both my gloves had bits of rubber cement on the backs of the hands and in some of the ventilation holes. Fortunately this was easy to clean off, but this should have been done in the factory (they're made in Indonesia BTW).

    So, definitely worth a look if you're chasing a cheap pair of spring/summer weight gloves - and have relatively thin hands/wrists (being made in Indonesia I suspect they're designed more for Asians than fat Westerners).
    Oh and silver wasn't my first choice of colour, the black had sold out. Of course that said I don't actually mind the silver now that I've had time to get used to it.
  2. they look freakin ridiculous
  3. Really? I've always thought gloves like these:
    looked a lot more ridiculous.
  4. I've got a shed full of shit if you want come and have a look through it JD
  5. Think I'm beginning to see why there's so few threads in the product review part of the forum.

  6. Eh, guess it's just a personal preference. Maybe having them sitting there is making them look stupid (IMO,) maybe a pic of them being worn?
  7. Why not go the whole shebang?

  8. Yeah I prefer gloves to be as inconspicuous as possible. The less colours and giant logos the better IMO.

    Given I have a silver jacket, these blend in a lot more than plain black gloves would.