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scorpio Z owners unite

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SLAMMIN, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. i just bought one of thes babys i'm totally wrapped with it...it's the funnest thing ever...it's tiny and lightweight and zippy and just too easy to ride...a trained monkey could ride it (and in some parts of the world they do)...i did all the rider training and licence on a honda cbf250 and i really did'nt like that bike...not that it's a bad bike and i'm not dissing the honda but it just did'nt do it for me...but the yammy scorpioZ I'M IN LOVE...and 5 grand on the road, warranty, bullet proof design, plain and simple, dirt cheap to run and insure...and most importantly it's just FUN to blast around on... and in and out and up and down and left and right and sideways...sounds too good to be true and yet, it is...it's suprisingly quick of the line too...i'm betting it would beat most learner legal stuff, especially that cbf250 slug...anyway, it's just fun fun FUN and i think it deserves a cult following here in Aus...so if you've got one,- show us your pics, show us your mods, share your enthusiasm, post your review, whatever, cheers :)

  2. Dude I'm happy to hear you love your new bike, as you should. I hope it serves you well. As for being the fastest learner legal bike off of the mark.... well I'd like to see it up against a GPX / Spada.
  3. never said it was the fastest chief :wink:
  4. A CBF250 is hardly representative of "most learner legal stuff" so being faster than one doesn't really mean much. Although I'm guessing the Scorpio's just geared lower since it's only 225cc vs the Honda's 250cc and has about 10% less power and torque than the Honda.

    Of course both bikes have less than half the engine output of a 4-cylinder 250. But having said that either one would still be better than a CBR125.
  5. I must have missed something? Anyway what are you doing on Netrider, you should be off riding the damn thing.
  6. I reckon even a humble cb250 would give one of these a run for its money. As long as you love it though mate :cool:
  7. Dude i'm talking bout the ol skool cb250, 250cc parallel twin. Been around forever. Riding schools still use them. You are talking about the cbf250 which is the single pot 223cc one.
  8. Dude, read the link in my post above. The scorpio is a 223cc :roll:
  9. Go back 10 paces and reread. Then lose a turn.

  10. Dude. I make this simple. I am talking about a 250cc honda cb 250. With a parallel twin engine. Thats two hundred and fifty cubic centimetres. With 2 cylinders. Geddit? I am alleging that this 250cc cb250 (which has always been regarded as one of the most simple and unpretentous bikes around) will beat a yamaha scorpio. You thought i was saying that a cbf would beat a scorpio. I don't know. I don't care. I just thought the guy saying his scorpio would beat most learner legal stuff was a bit funny, lets not get into a slanging match about 250's (plenty more exciting stuff to argue over) :cool:
  11. Pro pilot you got schooled, davesta clearly has proven that he has a larger ePenis.

  12. What we would all agree with is that there are plenty of learner legal bikes that would 'rag doll' the scorpio on the straight, let alone through corners. But that doesn;t matter, as long as slammin enjoys it thats all that matters.
  13. As a world-recognised authority on all things CB250, I will settle this argument: CB250 and the Scorpio are basically identical as far as the dry weight, torque and the HP are concerned. CB250 has *slightly* more torque; Scorpio is *slightly* lighter - the figures differ slightly depending on the source, but they are close and I reckon whatever differences might be in these areas could be easily overcome simply be the differences in weight of their riders. I suspect the handling would be similar as well, since neither is known for race quality suspension.

    Personally I prefer CB250 just because it is two cylinders vs. Scorpio's (and CBF250's) one cylinder... but it really is not worth arguing about. CB250 is no longer made, and Scorpio is similar enough in real life riding.
    BTW, although CB250 is designated as 250, the actual capacity of the engine is 234cc.

    So now you know.
  14. +1 :wink:
  15. Ok so cb250goespop has given the definitive answer and i've been owned. I was sorta being a smartarse so i deserve it lol :cool: . I do like the classic cb250 over the newer cbf and scorpio 250's tho. At the end of the day my golden rule is as long as you enjoy your ride, thats all that matters (excuse me while i go polish my fully tricked up postie bike with titanium pipe and pazzo levers). And as far as e penii go, this is the internet, how u know i'm a guy?

    Yes, i'm a guy :wink:
    Oh and sorry slammin for doing a D Stump all over your post
  16. Girls don't use the internet stupid :LOL: :p
  17. yer ok maybe my baby not the fastest...but definately the funnest...and she feels fast to me...and i love her and love is blind :grin:
  18. I got one today as a loaner, I've to say, it's one of the easiest bikes to ride. I can see myself passing P test on this thing with ease. Much easier than it was with my gs500f. Very light and very flick able and very fun. I got up to 130 on this thing, but the going was very slow from 100 and it didn't feel too stable at those speeds. The seat was nice and comfy as well and it has a fuel gauge. The only problem I had I had to full throttle it and red line it in every single gear to get it going anywhere. But other than that, it's great little bike to learn on.

    I could have also got a virago, but seeing how low the pegs are on it, I chose scorpio instead.
  19. have to say I have been taking a few bikes for test rides the last few days looking for my first bike.

    Took a scorpio out on monday. Liked it but didn't have much to compare it to tho. Took out a CBR125 and a VTR 250 today. Really didn't like either of the honda's, went back to take another ride and maybe to buy the second hand scorpio ($3100, 1300km's) only to find they had sold it. :(

    Was hoping to avoid buying a new bike as my first. But even then its only going to $4500 on road. Have to mull the decision over