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Scorpio SR-i900 Install and Review

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by varsis, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Bit of a review, and installation, post. I have had this alarm on my radar for awhile, with my birthday coming up I was lucky enough to have some gracious in-laws who happily paid for this badboy alarm system.

    Overall, wow - this thing is loud, while installing the system it went off (due to me forgetting the RFID module was unplugged) - I was woozy and disorientated for a bit from the sound. So there's a definite tick on alarm sound with this system.

    Installation was relatively easy on my CB400, while the manufacturer does have factory connection kits for some model bikes, there was no connection kit for the CB400 leaving me with the "Generic connection kit". The generic kit comes with 4 clamps and cables, the clamps just... clamp onto the wires (no need for cutting) and the cables go over the clamps. The only real issue here for me was finding where the right cables were, and ensuring I got the correct colour combination for the cables. Luckily Honda is pretty well standardised with their cable colour schemes, I think a lot of my time was wasted worrying about the colour schemes as the information isn't provided in the User Manual for my bike (or readily available online).

    The kit also comes with some Velcro adhesive patches which allows you to stick your modules wherever you wish. The cables are long enough with this kit to allow quite a bit of flexibility in positioning.

    The main module has an accelerometer, a reasonably touchy one at that - a small bump will give a *BIP* followed by 5 seconds of alarm. My lawn mower guy got a bit of a fright, accidentally bumped the bike with his leg, alarm went off and he came around the corner looking bright eyed.

    The perimeter sensor's sensitivity can be tuned, albeit this tune has to be done manually on the module itself. If triggered a warning *BIP* happens, followed by 3 seconds of alarm.

    One of the main features I wanted from this alarm system, was the FM 2-way transceiver. It's small, lightweight and auto alarms and disarms the bike depending on how close you are to your bike. No taking of disc locks, no button pressing - just automatic awesome. The transceiver battery lasts about a week, and it also tells you the charge for your bike's battery. One thing to note, the alarm has the capability to tell you if it's been tilted or perimeter sensor has gone off - when you jump on your bike, it'll beep a number of times depending on what sensor has been triggered - this in comparison to looking at the control transceiver. You can also disable the perimeter sensor via the transceiver, and adjust tilt/accelerometer sensitivity. The transceiver is notified of any triggers, allowing you to go "Some arsehat is touching my bike!" and run out cursing.

    Overall, I'm quite happy with this alarm system - it's a little expensive, but the website seems to always have a 'sale' on. I've attached some pics of the finished install, do note the sticky tape for the antenna will be getting replaced :)

    Main Components


    Generic Connection


    Power and Perimeter Sensor



  2. Nice job

    do you do installations , only joking looks great
  3. Thanks for the reply, hope this review is helpful for someone. After a few weeks the system is in great condition, I had to try the alarm out the other day to make sure it works as it's not noticeable at all in daily commutes. Guess I'm lucky to have people stay the hell away from my bike.
  4. Hi Varsis... hows the alarm going for you after some time? Looking into this product at the moment.
  5. I can testify this product is great. Bought for my bike... best product yet!
    PM me for more info if you need it...
  6. Hi Guys. I baught and installed the sri900 system in my bike. The problem I'm having is the remote doesn't show full charge even after 12 hours continuous charging. Do you guys have this same problem?