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Scorpio SR-i500 Alarm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by xcamx, May 11, 2006.

  1. Yo gang,

    I'm about to buy one of these bad boys, Anyone got any experience with them. They seem to be one of the better alarms out there, specs look great. :)
  2. I would like some alarm advice too since I am getting a new bike soon (RGV250) to replace the stolen zx2r.

    At the minimum I am going to alarm and disc lock it after taking a dive on the insurance claim with $750 excess, policy cancelled with no refund, and 7 months lost reg which they claim as part of total loss, not to mention the money I spent on the bike, braided lines, ventura rack, gpr70s etc. which I doubt I will see much of!

    I am also curious about a gps capable alarm for tracking the bike if it still ends up on a trailer .. anybody got any info on these in aus (they are avail in the U.S)?

    Finally, Jaycar has a cheap motorcycle alarm which looks ok (see below) any comments?

    steelmate alarm at jaycar

    NBH (soon to be changing names!)
  3. As far as I know they have to give you a refund even if they cancel the policy, as far as the extras go if you still have the originals you are within your rights to take them off the bike if they didnt pay for them in the claim :)
  4. Here's another option for an alarm. Seems like similar specs to the Scorpio, but a fair bit cheaper. Not sure if they ship to Australia though.

    The alarm
    A mini review
  5. i contacted the guys on cbr forums, hopefully will get a reply shortly.

    to anyone else looking at alarms i highly reccommend one with a tilt sensor, i've seen a few on ebay for around 50-150
  6. Checked the policy schedule and unfortunately it is stated that the policy balance is non-refundable in the case of a total loss.

    As for extras, bike was torched and even if that was not the case, the green braided brake lines which looked kind of cool on the green zx2r would look a bit funny on a blue and white RGV and the ventura rack wouldn't fit :cry:

  7. It looks like a decent alarm system...you could also look at the Meta System Moto Legos 3 or the Mongoose Striker alarms...out of these two my pick would be the Meta

    As for the Jaycars...they are pretty cheap and nasty if I was protecting my pride and joy I would spend the dollars and buy a decent alarm :)
  8. Unfortunately I have to cancel the group buy :(

    8 Confirmed, and 9 non-committing. Group buy could only go ahead with 10 or more people. Worth a shot though to save a few bucks!

    If you do still want to get one, most dealers will knock the RRP from $516 to $500 without much trouble ;) If you buy one from oversea, make sure of which model your getting. Some of the cheaper ones are the model without the perimeter sensor. The one I'II be getting is the SR-i500S. Buying overseas will probably not be covered with warranty too.

  9. does this mean that they are taking ownership, cancelling the reg and keeping the cashish? cos if not, you can still get a refund from pricktoads for the remaining reg...
  10. Correct, they own the wreck and hence the reg (as stated in the policy).
    The Western QBE policy really is pretty shit but at least it is cheap! :roll: