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Scorpio Ride - GPS Tracker

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by blackjackx, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    So as the heading states I went and bought the Scorpio GPS tracker. I got it from the scorpio site directly and was surprised at how quickly it was delivered to me. I had my concerns about whether this would work as it was mainly for the US even though it did state that it could work internationally.

    Well anyway it arrived a few weeks back and I eventually got round to installing it last week and have been testing it this week. I purchased just the core unit which included the gps tracker and antennae and come built in with a shock and tilt sensor.

    Install was very easy there was only 3 wires that plug into the harness (2 are for battery) and 1 is for a 12V source, the tracker itself is quite small about 3/4 the size of my phone (Galaxy S3).

    I have to say I am very very impressed so far with the system - if the tracker is tilted or shocked or moved outside of the geo fence it sends you a notification on your phone, the app as well as an email. The time it takes for this to occur is also very very quick (about 1 -2 secs after it is touched).

    The app that you can download for the Tracker is good as well - very accurate in location and also has some cool features like tracking your route/speed/time etc and can also be set to send sms and or email to specific locations when you get close to a specific location. Eg your riding to your friends house- when you get close by it msgs them telling them you are nearby.

    The til and shock sensors I find aren't as sensitive as I like - it doesn't also seem to work but I might see if I can change the sensitivity of this.

    All in all below is a quick summary of the PROS and CONS for the device that I have noticed so far. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a gps tracker for their bike.

    SMS/Email/App very quick in responding
    Built in Battery in case it is removed
    Easy to install
    Comes with nice features - and can add on extra stuff such as tire pressure sensors/perimeter sensor

    Tilt/Shock sensor doesn't seem to work as well as it should (maybe can change sensitivity)
    11 a month subscription fee (not really a con cause its worth it)
    Have to enable the shock sensors every time you get off bike (wish this was default)

    Attached is a vid from the scorpio website (unfortunately dint take any pics of the install etc)

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    Question - did you have to buy the yearly data pack? Or does this work with SIM cards?

    Also, did you use the 12v source wire? if so, what power supply did you connect it to? I bought a cheap ebay piece of shite gps tracker which doesnt work, so thinking it might just be worth spending extra and getting some good!

    My previous bike (2012 ZX6R was stolen in Feb and want to protect my new bike better)
  3. hey yea there is a subscription fee of 12 bucks a mnth think the 12v i used the tail light