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Scorpio i900: most advanced bike alarm system in the world

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by Ckramer, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Back story: I was looking for a two-way alarm system. Two -way means it has remote controller that will sound if someone touching your bike.

    There is two major brands on the market: Mongoose and Scorpio. Scorpio is presented with the i500 model in Australia.
    With Mongoose , I couldn't get clear information what systems they offer and dealer said that they install "alarm system" don't know specs. Mongoose website don't explain how their "pager" system works. e.g. do you need SIM card for GMS pager feature or what.
    Worldwide, Scorpio seems to be a world leader.
    So I concentrated on Scorpio i500.
    The Scorpio i500 price from australian dealer was about $600 plus installation it's $800

    So I went to www.scorpioalarms.com and ordered better system: i900 which came about $500 delivered and installed it myself.
    You can order plug-n-play kit for your bike model which makes installation very easy.

    What's new in i900? Everone knows about Scorpio i500, apparently it's well known on australian market.
    - i900 adds new feature: RFID sensor. it's like "button-less entry" to your bike
    - i900 has built-in backup battery so you don't have to buy it separately.
    - i900 remote now comes with charger, you don't need to change batteries.
    - i900 remote has only two buttons, not four! Less buttons is always better (think Apple).

    RFID sensor
    RDIF sensor is a biggest difference from i500/i600. i900 price is $50 more. First I hesitated and thought RFID is useless feature and I should buy i600. Now I can't imagine living without RFID feature.

    Basically RFID means the bike feels your presence. Presence of the remote actually. You turn off your bike and walk away: it arms the alarm. You come to your bike, put key into ignition and it disarms.

    Even better: if you have perimeter/shock sensor enabled, you can come to bike, move it and tilt it and it won't sound the alarm! because you have alarm remote and it "senses the master".

    So basically, you operate the bike as you did before the alarm. Alarm arms and disarms by itself! Only difference is that you keep alarm remote in your bike jacket. And never have to take it out!

    Alarm loudness
    Alarm itself is very loud (120db?). Even arm/disarm beep is too loud. There's no setting/adjustment for level, so I taped some PVC tape over alarm's speaker and it's not not too loud or quiet. Another benefit of installing it yourself.

    Two-way remote range
    Two-way remote will beep and/or vibrate when something happens at bike.
    The two-way communication range is not so good though as expected. It's not 800m as advertised, more like 300-400m. And that's in clear line of sight, with properly extended/raised antenna in the bike.
    Basically if you park your bike by the beach you'll be able to "see" it on the remote if you go directly to ocean. If you walk away to the side signal is lost. Forget about shopping malls, it's worse there.

    Still, unless you live in Q1, you'll be able to receive alerts form bike and control the alarm while you're at home.

    Perimeter sensor
    I like that perimeter sensor will not sound a "full" alarm when someone touching/approaching bike.
    It will start with warning beeps. if intruder don't go away beeps will increase and then alarm will trigger.
    Perimeter sensor range is adjustable.

    Alarm remote controller
    - Remote controller is very small!
    - And it shows bike's voltage when arming/disarming! very useful too.
    - Since this model is not released in Australia, scorpioalarms.com sent me alarm system with 220V "euro" charger for remote. It's not american 110V, so you simply need an euro/universal adapter ($3) or $15 native australian charger form dick smith or something.
    - Manual says "recharge remote every day". It's been a week now without recharge and remote indicator still show full battery!

    -This is most modern/advanced alarm I could find.
    -Don't buy scorpio i500 form dealer, buy scorpio i900 for same money from www.scorpioalarms.com and install yourself! It's easy.
    -RFID sensor system is great
  2. good write-up :grin:

    few questions:
    what does it look like, once installed on the bike? invisible? a huge aerial poking up?

    any problems with installation? how stupid can i be, and still be able to do it myself? :grin:

    pics of the unit, on and off the bike?

    cheers :)
  3. it's installed under the cover/fairing. you don't see anything. you can't say if bike is with alarm or not :)
    Antenna is a piece of wire placed internally also.

    About installation: I never had car/bike electrical or mechanical experience, never did any work on bike or car before.
    I am not sure what carburetor is. Have general idea where is engine and cylinders on the bike is and that bike works on burning fuel in those cylinders with help of electricity.
    Read instructions, installed in 1 hour. unscrew bike fairings, found the battery. connected wires as instructed.
    Most of the time went to finding where better to place the alarm unit.