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Scorpio alarms...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Hearse, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. How's it going evryone?!

    I did a search for this topic, couldnt find anything so thought would start a new thread.

    Does anyone on this forum have the Scorpio SR-i500 Two-Way FM Transceiver Motorcycle Alarm on their machines?!

    I have n '05 CBR600RR, and i always freak out, worrying if its alright...when im at work, or out somewhere...

    I looked into that jaycar alarm but dont really like it...this alarm, it atleast sends a FM signal to a little keypad on your keyring...lets you know something is up.

    does anyone have this alarm, does it work that well, for instance in malls or outside a house etc?

    if someone does have it, where did you get it from, and for how much?

    they on eBay...

    Thanks guys...

  2. I just installed it last night on my new bike. Took about 5-10 minutes all up! They are literally plug and play. Perimeter sensor, alarm, tilt sensor etc. The alarm is AWESOME! I got mine 2 weeks ago through a group buy where we saved like $100-$150 from the RRP. I highly recommend them :)

    I'm going to install the anti hijack/immobilizer this week when it's raining. Gives me time to be home and look for the wire I have to cut and plug into the immobilizer. Truely the best alarm on the market :)
  3. far out, sounds good mate...

    obviously you havent tested out the how well the alarms works if your say in the mall, like the key ring vibrating or something....????

    thats the main thing im looking for...but sounds like a fair easy installationg!!!

    what bike did you put yours on mate?
  4. bike is a daytona 675. We have tested the perimeter sensor (chirps if you walk next to the bike), the tilt thing (basically, moving the bike). The alarm sounds, the pager tells me what has happened and I can see the past few alarm reasons + times. It's bloody good :)
  5. Yeah, but how far away from the bike can ya be before the pager is ineffective Wazza :p :grin:
  6. And how long does it take you to get to you bike when it goes off. Most thieves will have it on the ute tray or in the back of a van and be outta there before you get near your bike. The 2 way transmitters are a wanky gimmick IMHO.
  7. Ouch! Do they come cheaper than that eBay link? They'd wanna guarantee your bike for that too, right? ;)
  8. The pager can last up to 1K, usually about 800m is the typical I've read
  9. Well the furthest Im away from the bike is not that far at moment (like 30 second run) . A couple of the guys who were in the goup were getting this alarm because their bike was stolen from their carport/garage while they were watching tv/a movie/playing games etc. At least that side iof things s covered. And even if it is a wanky gimmickk, big deal. It gives me pleasure just thinking of it and playing with the pager. Horses for courses
  10. Hi, can i ask the cost of your alarm in the group buy?
    thanks :)
  11. yea you cant expect an alarm to save your bike haha, but it will def. help alot. Im thiking along the lines of the previous comment made, about it being a car port/ garage alarm, i also agree if it went off in the mall, or something, they thieves would probably be on their way already! :evil:

    i think the only option we have is to insure the damn things eh!

    but i think once i gather up some money, i will be investing in one of these bad boys!!

  12. Yup .. exactly the reason why I got the $50 JayCar alarm. That and the kiddies that like to sit on it when/if parked on the street.

    Exactly ... wasn't detracting from the alarm and/or your requirements. Just for me the usefulness of the 'add-ons' did not match the extra price.
  13. I still think bike alarms wont work against most crooks any more than an alarmed disc lock.
    If you dont want it stolen, tie it to something that cant be moved, with something that cant be cut.
    Alarms only work for cars because you cant load them into a ute/truck very easily.
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  15. Hey Marvin,

    Had a quick look. Sounds great and pretty cheap. DO you know anyone that uses it? How good is it?

    Any info you can pass on will be greatly appreciated. Thanks mate!

  16. I dont think a $99US alarm can be justified fitting on a $5-1000 bike...

    Scorpio all the way
  17. Alarms and immobilisers work for cars because the majority are stolen for joyrides or for use in other crimes as 'getaway' vehicles and 80% of stolen cars are recovered. The vast majority of bikes are stolen for parts and 80% are never recovered.
  18. Not sure about bikes as I dont have one yet, but I've lived in coutries where cops were "in on it" hehe. There the towing away is done by the
    "blue uniforms" and unlike here, it's a crane truck that picks your car right out of it's tightest parking spot. You wouldn't believe me how quickly a then new BMW 7 series with all its codes and securities would disappear, without them even trying to get in. Crooked cops pick it up and deliver to the bad boys where the profit is shared.

    Oh god when I think back, I've lived in some pretty f*cked up places. And then I hear people here saying NSW Police is corrupt - always makes me laugh :)