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QLD Score one for the motorcycle rider with a smartphone.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ThatOtherGuy, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. ?????

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  2. While I'm glad you were able to talk yourself out of a ticket, I find it disgusting that you had to spend 20 minutes of your time talking your way out of something that is complete bullshit in the first place.

    Kudos on the restraint of not telling him to go **** himself.
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  3. Wow that's awesome! Sounds like u kept your cool and didn't fall for his tricks.
  4. It would have been an interesting conversation if you allowed it to get to the stage where his version of events began to change, and then you informed him that you had the whole incident on film.

    Getting video on my bike is still on my to-do list, but I want front, rear, and two side cameras, with a central storage unit. Full surround video for any event that just may happen anytime. I still haven't found a cost effective solution to do all that though.
  5. Good result. At least the PO was prepared to listen and evaluate your explanation.

    You get some of them that use 140(b) with a blanket statement that it can never, ever be safe, so the rest doesn't matter anyway.

    Then again, one of the guys on a Saturday ride recently talked his way out of one with quite a 'creative' interpretation of his own actions.
  6. Well done.

    I find it disturbing that coppers don't actually know the rules they are supposed to be enforcing.

    I have a few mates who are cops and I have asked them all if it is legal to pass a stationary vehicle on the left at a set of lights.

    All bar one said that it was illegal, I then asked them about rule 141c, they hadn't heard of it and had to look it up.

    Interestingly the one who said it was legal also said that as long as you were doing it safely he wouldn't bat an eye lid it. However, if it was obvious you weren't doing it safely and you failed the attitude test he would find something to book you for.
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  7. Some cops are reasonable, but some others are absolute pernicious pricks. I overheard one copper gleefully telling another copper about how he booked a trolley boy in a large shopping centre carpark, for not putting on his seatbelt every time he got into his electric trolley haul cart.

    Ok, I gotta hand it to otherguy, well played. Top shot that. *golf claps*
  8. [​IMG]

    i have nothing else to say but well done on sticking to your guns and not being pushed around.
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  9. Well done for not letting him bully you into a ticket. The police usually get away with this sort of thing because most people assume that the cops know the laws upon which they are booking them.
  10. Sounds like this is what got him to deal with you on a logical, factual level rather than as a battle of wills (and him holding all the cards).
    The best part is that the next time - as long as the rider shows good attitude - he might apply the law with a better knowledge of the issues.
  11. Or the police officer might get reamed by his "superiors" for letting him go without a ticket. (and promise to never let it happen again)
  12. That depends on whether he got his quota or not.
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  13. The thing is that if he knew the law and pulled over people that actually broke the law rather than waste time harassing innocent motocyclists he could make his quota and get his bonus.

    Plenty of stupid shit happens on the road that is actually illegal that he could actually make the roads safer.
  14. Oh, and:
    That lying scumbag.

    I'm sure your politeness helped a lot, but my guess is that the main reason he backed down was the fact that police are notoriously overworked and he realised that the ticket might not hold up easily in court. Add to that the fact that you were recording the conversation. That is to say, he realised it wasn't going to be easy.
  15. Po now filters...
  16. Knowledge is power

    you were for armed with the regulations and thus not intimidated by this police officer

    I commend you on your course of action
  17. On the 140b part. Surely if you get past without incident, no vehicle or person is injured then by definition it is/was safe to do so?
  18. that's a bit like saying if you do a wheelie at 140kph through a school zone during the school knock-off period and don't hit a child, then it was safe to do so.