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Score 1 for the good guys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. At work recently some of the old office biddy's had been complaining about bikes taking up full parking spaces ect, they apparently thought we should park on the grass not the car park.
    Imagine there suprise when they returned after the weekend to find the two closest spots to work remarked as motorcycle parking spots only. Should of heard a few whinge about how they have to park a few spaces down now ahahahaha cop that is what i have to say to them

  2. Pretty serious parking spaces.....nice.
  3. haha top work.
  4. sucked in to em, how many bikes would park there any given day?
  5. Haha that's great. Work let's bikers park in the undercover parking reserved otherwise for fleet only. It's a pretty sweet deal, since all day parking outside fills up quick and can leave a considerable walk to the office.
  6. I love it. Nice space!

  7. haha..nice one...take that you silly old cows!!
  8. Usaully there are 2 or 3 riders a day, but it swells to about 5 or 6 in summer. they didn't bargain on works handyman also being a rider and the bosses brother
  9. i support it but why are the spaces so big?
  10. they just used to be the 1st 2 car parking spaces closest to the building in works carpark, he just painted them as bike parking, we usually parked 2 bikes to a space anyway so we can get 4 in there at a minimum
  11. I don't think it's supposed to be only for two bikes.
    Seems they tried to remove the shorter middle line so I'd say the idea would be for bikers to fit into that area.
    You could easily move that bike in pic a little to the left and fit two more to the right of it.
    Then maybe 2 or 3 positioned behind that will still allow those in front to get out.

    Us bikers are not like cages who seem to need their spot totally marked out.
    I'd say we have more of an initiative in thinking than our cager road partners.
  12. awesome. should be more of it. i turned up to a client site the other day and had a lady moving me on from the staff parking, so i asked with a smile, where the visitor parking was and she indicated around the corner but that she thought i should park on the grass in front of the building. i smiled sweetly and took the spot closest to the entrance. i hate that attitude that i'm a second-class citizen. lucky she wasn't the person deciding whether to use my services or not ;)
  13. f yea i love we need to see more of this around
  14. Very nice work, and I reckon its great that you've got it to go ahead. As for pasrking on grass... just no. Nooo...

    Local mainstreet has dedicated bike spots as well, just a half space with M-CYCLE on it - probably extra space left over from the 1.5-wide handicap spots. Right outside all the good places, too. Very handy.

    Keep up the good stuff - boingk
  15. I actually used bike parking on the foreshore in Newcastle last week... first time ive used bike parking ever... and enjoyed watching suckers feed coin into their metres for parking their cages.
  16. That's awesome! We usually had three bikes to a car space at the last place I worked, no parking issues where I work now so my bike can luxuriate in one full car space.
  17. Recommendations from the UK for dedicated motorcycle parking are that they should be as close as possible to a building entrance. Closest should be disabled parking and motorcycle parking after that.

    This is for security and the fact that motorcyclists wearing boots and heavy gear should not be forced to walk distances.

    Some guidelines that may be helpful if you are looking at persuading building and facilities managers to put in motorcycle parking spots.

    MAG guidelines

    IHIE recommendations
  18. Pleased to say that the Secondary school I work at provided me with a full carpark with a line down the center to distinguish between two bike spaces right near the door in the Admin parking area. And this was before I became a cripple. (still ride to work every day)

    Free cheers for the administration for their recognition.