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Scooturded out

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tiggers, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Ok, last night I finished work an walked back to where I park the bike and I'm boxed in on both sides by scooters, so close I can't even get to side of mine with out stepping through the scooter.

    I managed to slide offending slime green thing across so I could at least get on mine then struggled to get it up right to get the side stand up. By this time was swearing and generally throwing my toys outta the pram.

    So here's the best bit, after hitting military road - much calmer, I stop at the lights, put my left foot down and something hits the back left hand side of the bike………it’s another scooter parked right up my arse, a few choice phrases were exchanged - is it just me or do they have thier own rules.....like those super safe riding thongs?

    Rant over!
  2. Being a "new" scooter rider myself, I agree that many of them do incur in unsafe behaviours... I'd like to think it's because of their lack of experience...
  3. They bought a scooter. Common sense is not strong in these people.
  4. Step 1: Find offending scooter.

    Step 2: Araldite ignition.

    Step 3: Take it off the centrestand, move into centre of road.

    Step 4: Profit.
  5. You own a KLR. Can't you just ride over them?
  6. Thats all? I'd rearrange their scoots to wierd positions/angles so they come back and experience their own parking nightmare.
  7. There certainly is a lack of thought when it comes to parking for a lot of scooter riders, more than MC riders from my experience.

    But honestly, they weigh bugger all just lift them up from one end and move them out of the way - mine only weighs 130kg or something. Repeat offenders get moved somewhere more creative.
  8. Thing about most scooter riders is that they are not really into riding and they are not into bikes. (Although I accept there are exceptions). All they are looking for is a quicker way to get to work or the salon or whatever so they just buy a scooter, hop on and park it wherever cause they don't really care.

    And like what Clarkson says about Volvo drivers scooter riders cant be good riders, because they don't actually like bikes. And if you don't like something chances you are not good at it.

    Bike riders however are 9 times out of 10 interested in bikes and riding and they care about where their pride and joy is parked and they give a dam about other riders
  9. Way too big a generalisation going on here. I've met enough hardcore scooterists (can scooterists be hardcore?:grin:) and older riders who've gone from bikes to scooters for a less physically demanding, more convenient ride, to avoid that particular prejudice trap.
  10. In short, yes. Considering I see a large number of scooter riders doing stupid shit. first is their almost complete lack of gear. The second involves a story <queues wavey effect>

    One fine-ish day, due to road works my regular route had been cut off so I road down a few back streets to join Lonsdale (spelling? am shit with street names) St and what I saw almost made me fall over.

    Scooter rider is in the right lane.
    In the left land there is a car with a truck (one of those high bastards so if you are right in front of it you are invisible).
    Scooter rider decides his lane is slowing down so jumps into the meter gap between the truck and the car. Scooter rider see's me vigerously shaking my head and moves back into his lane.
    Car breaks a second later and truck stops about 10cm behind the car...
  11. Thats why I qualified my statement by saying

  12. Well they're cheap and trivial to qualify for. That's a pretty low bar for caring enough to learn more advanced skills or etiquette :D

    (or skin, apparently.)
  13. personally the idea of riding a 50cc scooter in a CITY or even a medium township bigger then the population here of 2000 people frightens the absolute SHIT outta me.

    Your constantly flatstick, no guts to preform overtakes, manouvers etc. and no agility to make up for it!

    Worst part of all? your the bottom of the food chain, everything wants to overtake you.. topping out at a max of 50kmph your just a riding deathtrap.

    having a truck overtake your moped ass is terrifying :eek:
  14. My couple months of riding hasn't exactly made me have a good view scooters. Yes the majority are ok riders but I have also seen that most of them are wearing business shoes and a general lack of suitable protection. Yes there are "hardcore Scooterists" (as PatB so eloquently put it :p) but I think a lot of them saw a cheap way to get around and don't really look at the intricacies.

    Plus two of them tried to lane share with me the other day, then proceeded to cut me off, which in honesty, annoyed the s*** out of me!
  15. Most scooters are not 50cc though