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Scooters with lots of mirrors and lights

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by lui, May 8, 2010.

  1. Any reasons behind scooters with lots of mirrors and lights?

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  3. That's the village people standard on machoness
  4. Your showing your age with a question like that. :rofl:

    Tradition has it that when you see one of these guys you pull up next to them at the traffic lights and kick them over. But times have changed and it not PC to do this any more.

    PS: there were the odd occations when the mod would get up off the floor and beat the shit out of me for doing that to them, but it was all part of the game. Ahh the good old days.
  5. top gear did it too !

  6. One reason for it that I heard was that scooters didn't have mirrors. Then the government said they had to be fitted. So in retaliation the Mods took it too far.

    Heard that on "On Two Wheels", from a guy with a scooter with about 20 or so mirrors.
  7. must resist...past life resurfacing...arrrghhh,
    Truth be told my first bike was a Vespa VBC 150 Super, way back in '82..with all the gut wrenching power of an elastic band. It was painted black and with a with a tasteful band of checkers..I only had 4 mirrors and 6 lights. I was involved in the Mod scene and met a lot of fun people that way..unfortunately I met more people who didn't like Mods..read any one else of the same age group..so you tended to be chased, run off the road or find your bike on it's side when you parked it. The most outrageous was Pete Beaumont who's scoot was painted as a Union Jack with no less than 32 mirrors on it..it looked like a chrome peacock tail..the funny part was that all but two ( the ones mounted on the handlebars) were pointed at himself! All good fun until you ride with the sun behind you!!
    I fell out with them after choosing to wear a jumper that had "Golden Breed' embroided on it..cardinal sin. I bought a GSX250 and took delight in giving them hell too.
  8. Actually, there is a safety reason for it as well.

    Scooters are light in the front end. Most of the weight is over the back wheel so whenze you go around a corner in the wet, the front can slip out on ya from the lack of grip of the light front end.
    So by plastering 30 odd kilo's of shiny metal all over the front end, you increase the available grip the front wheel has = less scooters fall over.

    Plus you can see stuff behind you better like all the kids on pushies waiting to over take you. :)
  9. Rockers rule, FTW

  10. So...scooters with lots of mirrors and lights are like computers with windows and water tanks.
  11. The Mods started back in the early 60's in UK: I couldn't afford a scooter, so I used to tag along in Mum's (black!) Mini van! De rigeur was to wear "Beatle" suits with ex US Army long tailed parkas when it got a bit chilly.

    The lights and mirrors was one of those fads that just got out of control, especially as most Lambretta generators couldn't cope with the single headlamp: let alone 10-15 spotlamps! Many was the time that I'd tailgate an unfortunate mate riding home at night along the Southend Road without lights, hoping that Mr Plod was otherwise engaged ;)

    Also needed was a tall, whippy aerial with a foxtail on top :D
  12. I have said it once and I'll say it again..the scooter is the safest form of two wheeled transport..it can just barley get you to the scene of the crash!