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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by easy_rider, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. ok im new but i just had to do a thread on how scooters shouldnt be anywhere outside europe or miami florida

    A- they are unsafe, small and slow
    B- they suck
    C- it is an excuse for poeple saying how cheap they are (petrol prices)
    D- most of the riders are inexperienced and dont wear protection
    E- alright in milan, but not bloody balwyn!

    thoughts? im open to all views by the way
  2. a) Yes, a 125cc or below in anything more than a 60 zone doesn't have enough power to be safe IMO.

    c) yeh umm its cheap, thats the idea

    d) I can show you alot of inexperienced and non gear wearing riders too, many are ful siik

    Nothing wrong with 200cc scoots IMO, and nothing wrong with using 125ish cc scooters for what they were designed for (60kmh zones). 50cc scooters are 100% rubbish for anything other than inner inner city riding.

    The scooter shop I went to for some test rides had a 50cc 4 stroke! WTF are you supposed to do with that? I could honestly run faster, it'd struggle to do 40.
  3. i disagree

    i hired a 125cc 4 stroke aprilia scooter in paris and this thing flew, far better than i expected and would do 80+ no probs whatsoever

    how about we flip the convo and say motorbikes over 400cc shouldnt be in the city as they are too powerful ;)
  4. Scoots are tops, they're spot on for around town and as the roads get more and more clogged, they get better and better at what they do. They're a very effective commuter vehicle, and they're great fun.
  5. Well, first and foremost, you should issue a qualifying statement. I don't see how a 400cc maxi scooter, for example, is unsafe, small or slow. In fact, to some limited extent they might be safer than a comparable bike - if you dump it you're less likely to get your legs pinned.

    A. Yep, certain sizes are. Then again, I've seen a PX200 2 stroke vespa really haul arse. Kinda looked like fun, watching this guy dash inbetween parked cars.

    B. Tevs.

    C. It's cheap, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    D. Takes all sorts. Like phizog said, there's plenty of unprotected guys on bikes.

    I also met a guy a while ago who's a massive bike nut, but rides his PX200 more than many of the other bikes he had. With a near-vertical steering angle, it was perfect for gunning around the city. It's easy to have a go at scooter riders, and I do it all the time, but it's a particular kind of scooter rider.

    Though I think that with many normal, well adjusted people buying them as a cheap way to get around will be motorcyclings saving grace. Hopefully amongst the lawyers, accountants, marketing folks that are now using 2 wheels to get to work we might be able to gain a more effective representative body for our rights in general. And plenty of the scooterists eventually upgrade to bikes as well, which further helps our cause.

    One last thing - most scooter riders don't give a fcuk about what motorcyclists think in general. If they bother you more than you bother them - you're the loser.
  6. a - agree completely. Death traps on fast traffic.
    b. personal opinion - yup
    c. well they are cheap bugger them
    d. agree - add to insurance costs for the rest of us
    e. I live in highett so I don't care on this one.
  7. I didn't say it wouldn't do 80+, I said it didn't have enough power to be save in anything faster than 60 zone. An average 125 scoot will do 90-100ish top speed.. BUT doing 90 on them feels like its about to explode, the suspension can't cope at that speed, nothing left to give. In a 60 zone you still have some power left to accelerate when you need to. If you think you're safe doing the top speed every day but having no power in reserve, I'm not going to bother arguing further.
  8. Bicycle's cheaper, just as fast in traffic, gets you fit... and you get to wear lycra :)
  9. a.) Yes they are .. but what is wrong with going 70 on s 70 zone ?? Even a good 50cc can go 70 !!!! Because I cant go in 2 sec to 100km doesn’t mean I’m "suck" .. If I cant afford to buy a proper bike what is wrong in buying a cheap scooter?
    b.) In my opinion ur SUCK
    c.) u call $5 a week a excuse?
    d.) And? What is wrong with that? U Have to learn somehow to ride. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.. I've seen more people ridding a "proper" bike with a T-shirt than scooter riders!!

    I recon ur just SAD .. U want to just gain attention .. N/C
  10. Nothing wrong with doing the speed limit. But there are circumstances where accelerating keeps you safe. Eg if someone starts to merge and you need to get out of the way (braking is often the worst choice you can make), or getting in front of traffic off the lights so you're not around traffic all the time. Or minimizing your time spent in blind spots. If you're flat you dont have any safety margin. If you don't understand that you need to learn basic roadcraft..
  11. i dont hate scooters really, or the riders at all.

    but the other day i was driving home in the wet and i swear i saw a secretary in high heels on a scooter at the lights off punt rd.

    i just thought i hope u havent got a long run home. i really feel for their safety to be honest.

    those new ads on mbike protection aimed at scooter riders are the best initiative from the state govt this year! lets just see if it works
  12. learn to english?

    Usually with motorbike riders not having gear is the exception; it's the opposite with scooter riders from what i've seen.

    A cheap second hand 250 is the same price as a shitty 50cc scooter I can't see any reason to get one as well :shock: Maybe for little girls who couldn't handle the weight or something :?:
  13. Don't really like scooters either, but FFS get over yourselves.
  14. *yawn*

    I suppose you probably didnt bother reading through any of the previous scooter threads in this forum.

    I suppose you thought you were being smart and unique by starting this thread.

    So you saw a woman on a scooter in high heals. Who gives a f*ck? Its her choice mate. Would you or I do it??? Of course not, we're much smarter than that, but to each their own. Just remember that car drivers look at you and me and think "what a moron, why would they put themselves at so much risk by riding a bike".

    As you say, there are ads on TV to raise awareness about wearing gear whilst riding/scooting. So the message is out there, its up to the individual if they take it on board or not.
  15. A. nope, i rode a 250 cc vespa round italy for one week and had a ball. plenty of grunt even with my gf on the bike. here i would agree with you because of the longer distances we travel....wouldn't give up my 600 cc for one but they are fun
    B. nope, they're economical and look great, which should answer C.
    D. absolutely, its one of my pet hates when in my car or on my bike....its not cool to wear open face just so people know you are riding one
    E. Balwyn vs Milan....i know were i'd rather be :p
  16. "learn to english"

    Are u trying to say anything what could make you feel better ? Oh and I don’t know if u know but the word “english†is written wrong .. English that’s the correct way .. If u want to be so picky look at urself first ..

    Special to YOU: Learn to respect, Learn to understand ..

    I had to many argument with people like you thinking this way(how do u call them? I think something with R at the beginning..) .. You just don’t understand and u wont because .. U just wont ..

    I guess ur just this kind of smart, strong and cool "english" guy

    "..A cheap second hand 250 is the same price as a shitty 50cc scooter I can't see any reason to get one as well :shock: Maybe for little girls who couldn't handle the weight or something.."

    That’s a good joke. A second hand 50cc costs you $600. Good luck in finding a 250cc for this money.

    "Maybe for little girls who couldn't handle the weight or something.."

    Maybe u should play HULK and ride ur bike!!!! And watch out for those little girls who can not handle the weight of the bike !!!
  17. hahahah well said :)
  18. as you title indicates "why?", I say, "why not?"

    more like a load of crap to me, I see more motorcyclists with sneakers on than scooterists with same or less on....
    Came back from a ride once, down Bells line into Richmond then thru Penrif and saw atleast 6 bikers wearing nothing more than t-shirts, but in the same ride I saw about 4 scoots wearing attgat, coincidence maybe, but maybe its different in the inner city...
    i'd rather see more scooters on the road than, say buses, coaches and trucks? you'd get a different reply from truckers if you said that in a title?? :LOL:
    Good on anyone who's riding, that's my opinion...
  19. Right on, GTRgilera. Anyone who thinks there's no fun to be had on a scooter is an idiot in my estimation. Scooter bashing doesn't make anyone any cooler, or faster, or manlier. Go jump on Ozbiker's spleen vent and tell them how much you think harleys suck if you want to show us how tough you are.
  20. have to agree with you both; my short answer is also "Why Not???