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scooters what have you taken on

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by furbypimp, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. all scooters?
    what have you taken on at the lights and beaten or suprised?
    i see afew scooter riders around on the road and i wonder have you ever humilated P platers who think there top in there sigma or vn's?
    also can you get personalised licence plates on scooters.
    name the type of scooter you have and what you draged off.
    also for how long did you hold the lead?

  2. yep you can get personalised plates for bikes/scooters (well you can in victoria anyway, i don't live in the other states so i'm not an authority there.)

    and my benelli k2 50cc scooter couldn't drag off a sightseeing pedestrian
  3. :LOL:

    I haven't taken on anything at the lights thou my bug bandit does tend to launch better than most of the cars ( there not ready for it but :LOL: )it's been derestricted but still needs a bigger jet , if I sit at the lights and rev it slightly a few times it get's a heap of fuel and then I simply lean back a little and lift the front a bit on takeoff and up it comes , can keep it up there for about 10 meters :LOL: :LOL: . It's good fun until I break it .
  4. :moped: :moped: :moped:
  5. i draged a turbo white r32 gt-t in brissy a few weeks back and i beat him through first to about 50ish then we were even till about 85 ish and then he flew off. u could tell he was a little cut because he just kept going till about 160 and then turned into the servo further down.
    i regularly beat commodores, falcons, and most na 4cyl's
    its funny because u pull up next to a car full of guys and they look at you and laugh sometimes, then you take off and leave em for dead then you pull up at the next lights and the driver does the stare ahead and all the passengers hang out the windw and go wtf.

    ive given a few 250's a run for there money to which is always fun because its the quickest way to earn there respect.

    my scooters a 02 gilera runner 2t
  6. my old Benelli 491rr would beat most things off teh line most times, and could hold the lead to about 65.

    Then as Kizza said they realise they've been beaten by a scoot so they have to make up for it by gunning it upto 150+ so they can show their mates how much they wooped a scooter. Then at the next lights they either ignor you or all the mates yell "nice try mate, we thrashed ya". So then i used to just lane split past them whilst waving. Or you lane split up to them at the next lights and stop right next to them, when they wind down their windows you say something like "enjoy the traffic jam boys" and you split away.

    Bwhahahahahahaha I love it.
  7. Hey! Leave the almighty sigma alone!! When your cage has won more car show trophies than my sigma has, then you can pick on it.


    as for dusting stuff off at the lights on the 50cc bolwell jolie scooter, well I tend to nail the toddlers on their pushies, grannies in their electric wheel chairs, Teenagers on their skate boards oh and any Hyundai, but the Hyundai's are a given for anything with wheels, including ya mumma pushing a shopping cart.

    Seriously, all I can beat from the lights consistently is trucks and buses. Any car that I can beat off at the lights, let me.
    But who cares? I get to pass them all when they are filling the petrol tank up at the bowser! :p
  8. lol..thought i would get a reply about the sigma remark..lol..
    i remember the old sigma wagon i had..hahaha
    so i can bet a hyundai? hopeing the excels..stick it to the koreans.
    lol...dont diss the daewoo anyone..i gotta sell that first before i can bet a excel. something to look forward to i suppose:D
  9. what happened to my damn post about racing a guy on a yamaha jog ??? Im not going to waste my time even reading this forum if this sort of crap happens.
  10. but ummmm you said this "The trophies are for the stereo system won between 1993 and 1996" put that stereo system in a daewoo you still would have won :p hehehe

  11. No No No. It's all got to do with acoustics in the sigma :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. hahaha my best mate had a hand me down sigma a nice turquoise green with matching hub caps. Brilliant!!

    ive ridden a vespa GT200 they're pretty zippy. Havnt dragged anything on a scooter. My little bro has a Yamaha Aerox 50 - mean looking thing. Brembo brakes and fat looking tyres.
  13. Isnt that how all sigma's come about? no one would actually go out and buy one :p

    such a pitty this thread has been modded, it was pretty entertaining stuff. oh well, probably just as well i reckon.
  14. Lol. No hope of winning any car stereo competitions in a Daewoo. Reasons would be;

    - When the bass starts hitting 110 decibels or more, the daewoo will fall to bits from the vibration.
    - Car would have to be trailered to the events as the extra 50 odd kilo's of wieght of the stereo/sound damping material would mean the car would take too long to drive their on it's own lacky band power.
    - The Daewoo would fail safety requirements as amps, head unit, speakers and box's must be secured to something solid in the car and there is nothing solid in a Dewoo except for the windows.
    - Sound accoustics. Would be lousy as you would not hear the stereo over the sound of vibrating trim parts, body panels, windows and various fastening bits falling to the ground around the car.
    - Sound quality judges requirements. Vehicle has to seat two judges during the judging Comfortably. Judges may refuse to get into the vehicle on the grounds that they will not want to be seen inside the vehicle while alive.

  15. the best is when young cpl are in a car. he trys to show off but i flaw it to next set of lights
  16. in my jolie well i have overtaken a...

    bolwell shark 50cc (on the way to work)
    yamaha jog 50cc (on the way home from work)

    both in an 80kmh zone. i was doing about 70kmh.

    must be the weight i reckon!!!

    i lost to my mates auto 05 barina. from the line he killed me and i didnt even look like catching him.

    but yeah if cars arent ready for it, you get them everytime 0-40kmh!!!

    also dont bag sigmas :D i have also won a few trophies, but these are real and arent for a stereo!

  17. I rode a retro the other day, similar size and weight.. very quick!

    got it to 80, where my Akros does about 75...

    but the retro felt VERY unstable with those little wheels

    As for my Akros, it has beaten:
    Vmoto Monza
    Aprilia mojito customer (50cc)
    TGB 303 - although I don't think this was run in yet.

    I have lost a few runs from the lights, but she was due for a service...

    I haven't attempted an Aprilia SR50.. but don't like my chances, as the Akros isn't the fastest.. just average from what I have seen.
  18. Dragged off?

    What have I dragged off? I once dragged a guy off the road in South Brisbane. Dead. He had tried to race off a prime mover at a set of lights, got the wobbles, clipped the bullbar and went under the wheels. Went over his torso and burst his testicle out of his scrotum. Truckie didn't even know he was there until a pedestrian flagged him down. Left behind a wife and 6mth old son.

    Think about it kids.
  19. fair call.. but I took this post to referring to just comaping relative take off from the lights

    not an actual drag...

    as for a truck, I steer well clear of them.. the backdraft (wind) from them is very dangerous.. cars flying by past the speed limit is bad enough... and I pretty much assume trucks never see me
  20. no this post was never intended for drags.
    just abit of fun and seeing how a scooter compares to other vechiles on the road. also its the riders perseption of there scooter which i was curious about..some people just say yeah i have a 50 cc scoot..but others are proud that they own one. i know when i get mine i will be proud of it.. for the fact its the only peugeot i can afford to own:D lol..yes i ludix blaster is what im set to own. i am counting the months till i get one. once we move from these flats i will be straight down to city scoots to purches one:D so 4months people 4 more months:D

    thanks for everyones veiws on the subject:D