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Scooters using bike paths in MEL - on ABC radio 774

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, May 16, 2006.

  1. There's currently talkback discussion on Victoria's recently announced transport policy.

    Someone rang in to biatch about seeing scooters using the bike paths. Jon Faine's going to discuss this further after the 9 o'clock news, if anyone's interested. You can listen on the web via this link if you're interested and don't have a radio handy.

  2. Thanks. I'm on to it.
  3. Is that bike paths or bike lanes on roads?
    Because there is a lot of room for misinterpretation there.
  4. Agreed. Bike lanes can see cyclists and PTW'ers on roads happily co-existing. Bike paths are probably not the best place for scooters, but having said that, unless someone actually did a study and properly looked into it we can only guess and throw up worst case scenarios.
  5. I think they meant bike lanes. Sorry for the confusion.

    Anyway, as it's now 9.30, no-one's discussed this issue. Closest is a woman whose kids ride motorbikes and she was saying how cyclists should have registered bikes. Went on about how they regularly flout the road rules and seemingly never get booked, mainly because they can't be ID'd.
  6. haha, registered pushbikes!!!!


    give me a break
  7. There trying to push the same scenario as in European cities,lanes for pushbikes,if you go to Amsterdam,correction,if you remember going to Amsterdam :-k ,the city centre has virtually no cars and is all pushbikes and pedestrians,it works remarkably well and has an excellent feel to it,or was that some other substance. :cool: chillmarn.Seriously though,it is an excellent idea and does work well there.
    They mentioned on 774 if all the school kids rode to school,thats 20% of peak hour traffic,that means our traffic congestion goes back to levels of a decade ago I think he said,and kids get healthy and learn balance and handling skills of a pushbike-which personally led me to BMX-TRAILBIKES-ROADBIKES,ITS EVOLUTION BABY
  8. should read like this

    kids get healthy and learn balance, wheelies & stoppies skills of a pushbike-which leads to ROADBIKE wheelies and stoppies,ITS EVOLUTION BABY

    :LOL: :wink:
  9. good point movin.

    Amsterdam is arguably the best laid out city in the world. Pedestrian traffic is given priority. Trams, people and bikes are king and cars are bad.

    The problem is that this city does not have to deal with large areas and distances like we do in OZ. what works very well there simply wouldn’t be possible here.
  10. "The problem is that this city does not have to deal with large areas and distances like we do in OZ. what works very well there simply wouldn’t be possible here."

    Adelaide CBD?Perth CBD? or even Melbourne CBD?
    Im talking a say 4-8 block radius-which is practically all of Perth CBD :!:

    Yes true Duffman,but thats not the point here,You can make a perimeter near the CBD and provide car parks and infrastructure,for pedestrians and pushbikers to park at discount rates,lanes for bikes,bike paths etc,,say hypothetically 10km radius round CBD,and not create traffic congestion and pollution for inner city living peakhour.Or eventually we will end up like the London congestion charge,where they get charged for entering the CBD,they have it down to a fine art charging up the :shock: for everything there.
    As a kid,I used to ride sometimes to school,and that was bout 20kmh,loved it,I had to ride to work last year when I lost my licence,AGAIN :evil: ,due to bikes AGAIN :evil: :evil: ,and in no way my responsibility for speeding :jerk: ,that was 38 km round trip and I was still getting my 2 wheel fix. :)