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scooters on highway

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by dexxl, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. i heard that scooters are not allowed on the highway, is this true?
    scooter i'm thinkin of getting is 125cc

  2. You should be allowed, its not safe though.
  3. what state are you in? in Vic it's Ok.
  4. 125cc will get you about 90-105km/h flat out. B-doubles and semis travel at 130km/h+ and don't like to be slowed down. Don't get a scooter of this capacity unless your freeway travel is very short and/or very occasional.
  5. I used to rip it up on the highways with my 125cc daliem maxed out at about 100ks its realyy hard to over take someone i wouldnt recommend it. Its a pain in the arse stayin out of the blind spot of a semi when u cant overtake em
  6. sorry i forgot to mention i'm in qld
  7. Cyclists are allowed on the freeway which beggars belief! In the UK and Ireland, you are not allowed on the motorway with L plates, on a bicycle, on a vehicle with an engine capacity less than 50cc's. There are a few others as well. I am amazed that there are no restrictions like that here.
  8. I would think that a restriction if there is one would only apply to 50cc scoots which are legally limited to 60 km/h. A universal restriction would be ridiculous; there are scooters that have better top speeds than some bikes (e.g. 650 burgman). I used to take my sportcity on freeways with no problems. I agree with others though, you need at least 200cc unless for extremely short stints.
  9. i ride my 250cc on the freeways here in melb. i would never get a bike less than 250 as i want the freedom/power to go on the freeways whenever i need to.
  10. depends what you mean by "highways".
    country or city? 110km/hr or 70km/hr?

    or do you mean freeways?
  11. in queensland you arnet allowed on any roads over 60klm on a 50cc scooter.
    i recomend at least a 125 2stroke or 150 fourstroke if you plan on any highway riding, and if you plan to do a bit of highway i would say 180 2stroke or 200-250 fourstroke.
    my 180 sat comfortable on 130km/h from here to towoomba and back, which is about 450 500klm trip
    plus i regularly ride it to ipswich and back which is a 250klm round trip
  12. Are you sure about this speed limitation?

    I cant find anything in the QLD Acts.

  13. well i thought that was the rule as i have seen it written a few times, but i did a quick scout on the transport site and didnt find anything so maybe not.
    anyway i used to do 85 90 all the time on my old 50 and i never ever have been pulled over
  14. It depends on the rules of the individual freeway, I would think. In regards to cyclists, they are not allowed on the South Eastern Freeway or the Southern Expressway in Adelaide. But looks like you can in Spud Gun's area.

    As for motorized scooters, there shouldn't be any specific restriction, a Suzuki Bergman 650 is still a scooter! My friends have got their Piaggio X9s up to 150kph with no trouble at all.

    What you do have is a law against providing a hinderance to traffic.
    So if you are dawdling along at 40kph in a 100kph zone, they will book you if they find you, if you haven't been killed.
  15. I dissagree here.
    There should be a rule stating a minimum engine size of say 125 or 150cc to use the freeways.

    Very true.
    In Perth although there may not be a specific law preventing 50cc scoots from riding on the freeways, there is a law which prevents anyone from travelling more than 20km/hr below the freeway speed limit (unless forced to by rain/traffic or something else). Therefore the 50cc scoots are effectively indirectly banned.
  16. Interesting......I own a 2006 X9 250. It maxes out at 140kph indicated, which checked by GPS translates to a real world 130kph. I assume your friends must have X9 500's ? I ride on highways and freeways all the time on my X9, and have never felt any more unsafe than I do on my BMW or Ducati. As others have said, I reckon 200cc is about it for practical freeway use, any less and you could be struggling on hills or into wind.
  17. Yep, both have X9 500cc models.
  18. Cylinder capacity has no meaningful relationship with speed.
    If you follow that logic, a 1950's Vespa 150, or Lambretta Series 1 125cc, both max out at around 60-65kph should be allowed on a freeway but an Aprilia SR50 derestricted can't and it has top speed of 100kph.

    My 70cc twistie can go faster than my 150cc Lambretta which goes faster than my twin 750cc (so 1.5L capacity in total!) motorcycle sidecar combo.

    All you can do is ban, as you say, vehicles that cannot keep up with the speed limit.
  19. My wifes Bolwell Euro MX 150 will comfortably cruise on the freeway at 100 kays. At 110 KMH out on the highway it gets real annoying real quick. The thing is pretty much screaming along at 110 and top speed is about 125 indicated. It doesn't feel real stable on some of those big bumps you hit on highways either :shock:
    I think it's fair to say if you are looking at a four stroke and you are preparing to do a lot of freeway/highway riding go with something 200cc or more.
  20. An interesting twist to that duffy is that would a 50cc scooter be allowed on the freeway during peak hour?
    I have seen a scooter rider on a 50cc riding on the kwinana. Dunno where he got on, but he pulls off at leach highway. In peak hour the speeds rarely get over 40-50kmh so a 50cc scooter can keep up. I have seen a couple of 50cc scooters on the freeway during peak hour when the speeds are erm, close to parking lot velocities where bikes and scoots are splitting all the parked cars.

    Technically it is still probably illegal. But these guys have probably been doing it for a while after all, they have buckleys of getting caught.