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Scooters + Highway = ????

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by [swifty], Mar 2, 2007.

  1. hey guys, i just got a motorbike... loving it, ..always wondered about a scooter... how do most scooters go in 110km/h sorta situations?
    trying to get the old man onto a bike, but i think i have more chance on getting him onto a scooter first...(what a poof eh? :D ) whats thoughts... not gonna use it as a commuter, just a weekend warrior...

  2. Been done to death, try the search function. Basically you wouldn't want much less than 250 cc.
  3. 250cc will cruise 110 kph just fine. For weekend use alone, I'd reckon one of the maxi scoots with larger wheels.


    Dave (a scooter riding dad with a daughter who rides a 'baby blade')
  4. Vespa GTS250.

    Style and substance.

    Nuff said.
  5. A 250fi will do fine for weekend bursts. The Vespa GTS (the original & very cool style!), the new Aprilias SportCity 250 (faster then average!) or Scarabeo 250 (very retro) just to name a few…. And I’m sure your dad is not a p%@f, just cautious as older bones brake easier then younger ones, trust me…he, he, he.
  6. Eh Swifty,

    They're all p**fter riders... until its ya dad we're talking about. [​IMG]
  7. Do you guys ever get tired of yourselves?
  8. you know these homophobes are mostly all closet cases petal!
  9. I believe scooters + highway = Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... :moped:
  10. Let's see. Both of our bikes are 250cc...ummm, is there some leap of logic I am missing here?
  11. It reminds me of my little 5yo nephew who refuses to play with girls when there are other boys around and slam anyone that plays with them.
    Certain homo sapiens usually congregate in packs, females not allowed, and ride like bats out of hell. When resting, they compliment each other about their bikes/ride with excitement, criticising anything else.
    When I used to ride my CBR1000 or my Transalp, which I sold late last year, I would never receive a request for a pillion ride. My better half rode my tranny once. When I take out my Harley or the scoot, I rarely ride without a female pillion… so boys, wake up!! Stats show us that the majority of scoot riders are females… by the way, the term “p**fter†is no longer in use…guess there are still remote areas!!!!he, he, he.