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Scooters from the Sub - Continent & Asia

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ADC, May 30, 2005.

  1. $1.00 a day labour, cheap as chips. These scooters look like the real deal, just out of the Piaggio factory. When labour and material is so cheap, its possible to recreate anything. Just ask Vesbar in Surry Hills, Sydney. They know what its all about. However there is a downside to all this glitz and glamour. Is your scooter what you paid for.
    Are those VIN numbers true? These are often copied from another Vespa or Lambretta, or cut out and re welded onto your new classic.
    Has your scooter been welded together?
    Genuine parts or cheap copies?
    Plenty of body filler? Who would know.
    Roadworthy? Maybe
    My advise is not to support the importers of such scooters, there are plenty of signs warning that your scooter is from India or Vietnam. Plenty of chrome, cheap and nasty add on's, Non Piaggio or Lambretta colour, crude tyres (although new), beautiful on the outside (for a while anyway) and ugly as sin on the inside, and price. Except for Vesbar who charge way over the odds for their pieces of **** from asia. Check out Ebay, you will be able to identify a heap. Enjoy