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scooters (electric)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Mendy, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Sorry, but i had to bring this up.
    Does anyone notice the amount of electric scooters (some definetly NOT road legal) riding on roads, often swerving and weaving :evil: . And not in the bike lane, on the road in between cars, they go max 40-50kms (if that), and people often wear (push) bike helmets. :roll:

    Chapel st, (melb) seems to be a hotspot as well as carlisle st
  2. Curse these scooter beasts!

    This is why:

    a) it should be legal to carry taser guns


    b) it should be a citizens obligation and duty to taser any individual caught scootering in any way shape or form! :twisted:
  3. did some one say many years ago
    "you meet the nicest people on Hondas"? :grin:
    Probably not a good idea to Tazer something that is electric either.
    Have seen a few of these people running around as well Being in richmond is why.
    Police did a blitz last week all scooter riders were pulled up for license checks :shock: don't know what the result was though
  4. FLAME THROWER :twisted: