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Scooters and Lane Splitting

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by gegvasco, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Standby for a mild rant.

    To my understanding, part of lane splitting at traffic lights is the assumption that you will accelerate away from the lights faster than the cars thereby not cutting them off at the lights. If you can't do this (eg. 50cc scooter with pillion lane splits in front of an XR8 or Monaro) then for the sake of all riders, don't lane split. This is the best way to get people pissed off at riders and getting lane splitting on the policing agenda. I see this time and time again in inner city Sydney where scooters are prevalent and it annoys me almost as much as the cagers that are being cut off.

    PS. I have nothing against scooters if you think that is my motivation.

  2. wow... i was thinking exactly the same thing on my way to work this morning after encountering the same yet again.

    PS. i too have nothing against scooters. bikes that so the same are no better either.
  3. as you're going past the little fekkers, stick a boot out into them. they'll fly off the road leaving it free for the xr8s to go on their merry way :D

    remember, scooter riders arent people :twisted:
  4. Especially the bloody one who pinched my usual parking spot this morning - burn them all I say!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. lol...so much hate in here
  6. A fine point. My justification for splitting goes something along the lines of "I'm not going to get in you guys' way, so I hope you don't mind if I don't let you get in mine!"
  7. Not quite as bad as the cyclists I see regularly that lane split to the right of cars - only to then have to try and cross over the left hand lane to get back where they belong.
  8. I also have nothing against scooter riders, (and have been known to ride an Aprillia occasionially). However I saw a scooter do as mentioned, in cut through traffic park in front of a monaro and then not be able to accelate. (which was quite odd, as he could have easily sat in the same lane as my bike, at the front of the cars, and still been behind the white line. (the monaro was beside me on a 4 lane road).

    Then the next day, I saw a scooter try to lane split between a torago and a moving truck, at 80kmh. He got to the point where he couldn't go forward because of the mirrors, but wouldn't slow down.

    TonyE, if u burn them, i promise not to try and put them out.

  9. It would apply to anyone as a matter of coutesy really. Why get in front of another vehical if you're only going to hold them up? It's asking for road rage.
  10. was gonna say that exactly...........its all about traffic flow

    same can be said for any car/bike/scooter who turns in from a perpendicular running street, turns in your lane, and does not accelerate thereby forcing you to brake and go slowly.......i hate that........coulda waited for me to pass before pulling out into my lane
  11. Lane splitting is precarious if not done sensibly; I can't fathom how a scooter rider would feel more comfortable putting themselves under that pressure (esp given the predominant lack of decent gear)

    To be fair, scooter riders (and bicycle riders) should have every right to make safe use of the spare black stuff where possible, but at the front of traffic lights isn't the best for either vehicle.

    If the greenie policy makers at VicRoads cared about safety, they would allow scooter riders (at least, I thnk it should be m/c's as well) to use bicycle lanes where they don't have such acceleration issues.
  12. back when i had my gutless 50cc scooter *shudder* i split, but stopped behind the car at the front of the que, they'd always take off slowly and i could keep up so it wasn't a problem.

    i do agree with the general feeling of this post though. :moped:
  13. I saw that particular scooter rider this morning Nick.. I've changed my mind about burning her :LOL: :LOL:

    The others though... (and I rather like scooters - provided they're ridden correctly). I was at the front of a queue waiting to turn right this morning and this one came up on my left and tried to cut across in front when the lights changed :evil: Now I know the Spada is not one of the world's superbikes but it is rather quicker than a 125 Bolwell :roll:

  14. Of course lane splitting is not legal in NSW, nor, given our excruciatingly narrow lanes, is it advisable. Pushbike riders do it all the time, and hold up traffic, (or ride on through the red) so it's not surprising that some scooter riders do the same. Dangerous and provoking, I would have thought.
  15. completely OT, but where is your sig from Tony?
  16. Red Dwarf Season 4 - White Hole...

    Kryten's replying to Cats suggestion as to how to get back to the Bridge through the locked doors... :LOL:

    I was rewatching some of them over the weekend...

    My favourite Red Dwarf quote shows my age though..

    Kryten: Starbug was built to last sir. This old baby's crashed more times than a ZX81.

    Some of the children here weren't even born when the ZX81 was released :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. ahh, Sir Clive, where are you when we need you so.....?
  18. My favourite Red Dwarf line is.....

    Rimmer: "It's time to go to red alert!"

    Kryten: "Are you sure sir? You realise that means changing the bulb?"

  19. "Everybody's dead Dave"



    Oh, and I hate scooters too... :D
  20. You guys are just jealous of the scooter!!! 8)