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Scooters a menace

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by vossy, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I'm not sure if it's in the papers but I was watching sunrise this morning while having breakfast and Kochie had a story on 4 out of 5 motorists think that scooter riders and to a lesser extent motorcyclists are a menace on our roads. :mad:
    Apparently there was some survey done regaring this.
    Kochie being a scooter rider himself was a bit dumbfounded on the results too. :eek:
    Has anyone read about this today or more importantly did anyone do or see the survey? :?
    Could it be another ploy from the states transport authority :twisted: to discredit us as two wheeled riders?

  2. onya woodsy for posting
    good to see scooter and motorcycle sales up again.
    before we know it our citys will be alive with bikes like thailand etc.
  3. Also note that Kochie is still bad mouthing lanesplitting. He's just as bad as cagers with his "I hate it when bikes weave through traffic" banter.
  4. Just finished reading the MSN article; very interesting indeed!!! I didn't think that the drivers was that jealous of us beating them in traffic :shock:

    Some can't say it openly and "worry about" how dangerous scooters are; poor drivers living with the fear of being run over by scooters :LOL:
  5. I know when I'm in my car sitting 20 back from the lights and see a bike lane split to the front I always get jealous. (makes me wish I was on my bike)
    Makes you wonder how many people who did the survey only drive cars or both car and bike/scooter.
    I'm leaning towards only car drivers

    I'm sure this won't be the last time we'll hear some cage driving goodie two shoes complain about two wheeled riders
  6. wah wah wah... im here stuck in my nice dry heated car, and that dam scooter/bike is gonna get to work half an hour before me.

    its only fair that we lanesplit and "duck and weave" when it's p*ssing down rain or baking heat.
  7. I believe lane splitting is illegal, so when they scrap you off the road you won't have anything to say!!! This is what they are going about, to stay in plain site so others can see you.They also talk about push bike riders. I have never seen a push bike rider give any signal.
  8. Scooters are a menace only when they filter to the front and are incapable of going past 55 in an 80 zone.

    Other than that filtering is fine. On the road the above activity is the only time ive seen another vehicle get pretty angry in normal conditions (eg. no road rage incidents)
  9. As I said in the bigger thread, that "81% of drivers have seen a motorcyclist behave dangerously" figure should be "100%".

    We've all seen an example of every type of road user behaving in a manner that is dangerous at some point. Motorcyclists, car drivers, pedestrians, bicycle riders and yes, even ewoks. Does this mean all motorcyclists/cardrivers/pedestrians/cyclists/ewoks behave dangerously? Feck no... but we all get tarred with the same brush.

    It's a useless, irrelevant and sensationalist statistic when used in this fashion.
  11. Well i'm afraid your wrong.

    I dont know where you are cause your profile doesnt say, but in most states it is legal to landsplit stationary traffic. Hence this debate is not on the legality of splitting.

    The problem is that because car drivers are jealous, they assume that it must be illegal.
  12. Lane Splitting

    Don't know about the rest of Aus but here is a quote fromt he SA handbook:

    Riding between two lanes of
    stationary vehicles where lane
    lines are marked on the road is
    also both dangerous and illegal.
  13. All scooter riders are terrorists. All motorcylists are drug running bikies.

    blah blah we have heard it all before and will hear it all again.

    Kochie probably splits but he has an on air persona to appear to be the sensible one. Evidence the fact that Stan Zamanick was a nice quiet bloke who created on air persona that was completey opposite to him normally.
    :p :p :p

    Who cares if it is legal or not, most cops don't care either way. If they want to book you they can get you on careless riding, so split away just do it safely and don't be a dickhead about it.
  14. so how many people have died lanesplitting?
    I'm guessing none.
  15. Well I am one that has never had an issue lane splitting, but have been hit from behind at the lights! :shock:

    I was very very fcuking lucky not to have been thrown or squished by the car.
  16. Scooters, ridden properly, should be as much of a menace as any other motorcycle.
  17. what bullshit. Cars are the menice. They're the ones that run us over, not the other way around.
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. yeah i'll pay that one Loz :p :p :p