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Scooters 1st upgrade

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by raafscooter, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Hello, my names Aaron, i am new to this forum but not to scootering, having owned a number of these little fuel saving cheap transport's over the years.
    I brought myself a SYM ORBIT 50, well its gutless as hell, cant even get up my driveway doing anymore then 5kmph, what do you expect from a 50cc 4 stroke.

    The Orbit was a very nice scooter and i was using it daily, after 1600km's it was time to bring it in for a full upgrade and rebuild. Been a 50cc 4stroke and driven at full throttle for most of the time. Some of my mates in the RAAF decided that it was time to upgrade the little Orbit.

    Enter the SYM ORBIT MK1a1 50cc

    I have done the following with it, to bring it to MK1a1 status:
    1) Full engine rebuild using brand New Sym Parts
    2) Installed a new tranmission, the old one is rebuilt and waiting for the new upgrade
    3) suspension was replaced with harder shocks and new rear spring
    4) Tyres were replaced with better ALL weather ones
    5) full re-wire with Aircraft grade wiring not the crappy wires SYM used on it. Thank you RAAF!!!
    6) Fuel Tank replaced
    7) new Braided steel hoses replaced the plastic ones
    8) Carb was replaced with a rebuilt SYM item, original item was rebuilt and awaiting new upgrade.
    9) three cigiratte lighter style power points installed under seat

    All parts were from an Orbit 50 that the owner crashed with only 147mk on the clock, some people just dont know how to ride safly.

    Now comes to the intresting part, we decided that the little sym needed better all weather and night time capibilibilty, so we built a PR system. Now this was intresting as not much room to install a RADAR system on a scooter. While it would be only a short range little infra-red system.

    The Radar has been called "Firefox" and can pick up a rugby ball at 8m and has look down capibility. Yet again thank you to the techies at the RAAF!!!!! you guys rock. It is an infra-red setup but it is still in the process of getting it 100% working.

    Well thats my new little SYM Orbirt. we are already planning a MK1a3 with an imporved radar package and a night sight system, but thats just a plan at this stage, we will see how the "Firefox" performs on its first outing tomorrow, we are taking her from Ashgrove to Windsor at about 10am if anyone is intrested.

    If anyone wants plans to build thier own "Foxfire" setup just respond to me and i will pm them to you, otherwise we are thinking about selling them for about $400aud.

    Thanks for reading, if you want photos just ask, i would be glad to show her off.
  2. man get up some photos. it sounds like a nut 50cc thats for sure :)
  3. sounds like fun!

    get some pics up and spewen its still a 4T