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Scooteria dodgy service, or just an overprotective owner?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Supernego, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. A dodgy dealer

  2. Chillout, you are just being difficult...

  1. I took my x8 for the big 10K service ($250). I pointed out that the drain of the air filter was full of oil and dirt.
    When they finished, the drain was clean, but when I checked the filter it self, it hadn't been touched!!.
    I asked them why, especially when the manufacturer's manual asks for the air filter to be cleaned at 10K.

    They replied ".. Despite the manual suggesting 10k changes we do it @ 15k service as the filter is still operating very well until about that time. We see the manual suggestion as an extra cost that is unnecessary."

    I'm no mechanic and I can only trust what the mechanic tells me. I asked Piaggio their opinion about one of their dealers not doing the scheduled services and they replied that they trust the specific dealer and mechanic.

    So is Scooteria a dodgy dealer, or am I just an overprotective owner?
  2. I dunno what to say... But I'd trust them unless they were being disonest with you in the past....

    I am also abit towards being over protective of my bike... Every little thing I'll ring the mech or take it in if im in the area...
  3. Is it hard to gain access to the airbox ?
    If so, thats probably why !

    chill out Tony ! :p
    Remember, if we test ride a Piaggio MP3 at Scooteria, we get a free Piaggio sun-cap (or Vespa shirt lol)! . . . so Saturday it is ???
  4. Clean/change it yourself if you want to.

    They've taken care of all the mechanical whatnots and whosits.

    I'm sure you can change an air-filter.
  5. They were honest about not touching the filter and gave you their reason why. I also assume they didn't charge you the extra that they would have to change or clean it.

    I would say then that you are being overprotective. It is only an air filter and if you were really worried about it then you could do it yourself or you could have requested that they do it and pay the extra that they charge you.
  6. The price($250) is set and it is the maximum they charge for a full service. They only would charge more if there are extra parts needed.

    The air filter is the only bit i can easily access in this scooter!! But do i just clean it or do i add oil too? You see, thats my prob. I don't know and i thought i shouldn't have to know if i would just do all the recommended services. Do i void the warranty if i play with it? Is the longevity of the engine in stake if the filter is not cleaned properly?

    I guess i can just trust the mechanics that they are right. Fortunately for them, they didn't had to trust me when i gave them some coloured paper in lieu of their labour: the signature of the Reserve Bank of Australia was enough of a warranty..
  7. +1
    If they didn't charge for it and they told you about it, let it be. I let my services slip 1000 - 2000ks over no harm done. It might be different if you lived out in the sticks or rode on dirt roads a lot but normal running shouldn't clog it up to much.


  8. when they opened teh shop on parra rd I went to their bbq & won a raffle for X amount of dollars. When I called up a few months later to redeem it the saga started, of course they had no record of me. But that was OK . I took a day off work to get my scoot serviced, from emory it was a $200 voucher type thing so I though no worries will get a good service for that . I had allways done my own scoot services & had owned them for 15 years. After walking home from teh drop off to my g/f they call to ask if they can change the day!!! Even though I have allready dropped off!! I say no I have taken teh day off work . To cut a long story short I ended up with no less that 7 phone calls that day , from them not remembering what I had asked them to do , to saying the parts I had left with them were no good etc etc . In the end instead of feeling like teh lucky winner of a wonderful prize I felt like I was made to feel like a cheap arse for wanting everything done on teh freebie & not paying all teh extras tyhey wanted to charge for stuff I didnt want or ask for. never go back needless to say. Dont have a scoot now anyway .
  9. I felt exactly like zoot, when i asked a question or something out of their routine, i entered their 10% difficult customer zone and i was dismissed..

    I ride the scooter 90% in country roads, thats why the filter was that dirty..
    Hmm, they did charge a "full service". I would think that cleaning an air filter that its drain was dirty would be included in a "Full service".
    They didn't tell me they did not clean the filter, i found out my self and asked them about it. So if they are not following the book, how would i know if they even did anything!! So there you go, i end up in a circle of paranoia, so i better let it go i guess..

    I found these guys Gasoline Australia they look very pro and every service they do includes "clean air filer w/ high pressure air". Maybe it's time to shop around.. :wink:
  10. Mate if your not happy, go somewhere else, otherwise you will always be wondering if they are doing right buy your bike when you next get it serviced If the filter looked dirty they should have changed/cleaned it. As you said time to shop around, you want peace of mind when riding. I was a bit quick with my reply last time, I can see your point.

    And cleaning your filter shouldn't void your warranty it's a consumable, not sure about your manual for the scoot but mine lists things I should do and check.

  11. Exactly!! RTFM :LOL:
    I just washed it and got a spray oil, as per manual :LOL: and i'm about to put it back.. Cheers for that. And while i was at it and had my hands dirty etc, i took of those stickers and changed the Number plate holder :wink:
  12. Supernego,

    i would give them a wide berth and thanks for warning the rest of us. if service schedule recommends air filter clean or change at 10k then thats when it should be done. did you know all most all the dirt in your engines oil comes from the air intake. think about that next time they decide to skip something. also as you say they charge a set price for a FULL service but skip things to save time. WHO CARES! you have paid for it and you should have it done for you. you might have no idea about the bike and only know where the key and fuel go's. thats why dealers can charge so much, because you should not have to check there work.

    ok I'll stop my rant but this really pi$$es me off when dealers think "oh we'll just fob them off by saying this or that". since i'v moved back to Australia (about 6 months back now) i am yet to find a dealer i trust.
  13. I've been doing my own routine servicing for over thirty years...I cant see why any (paper?) air cleaner element wont do at least 30k.And its only a few minutes to wash & re-oil a foam element.
    I think the Dealer's doing you a favour,assuming your not being charged for work not done.
    OTOH,Oil should be changed regularly as per the owners manual...as the fine dirt that gets through a air cleaner element is kept in suspension in the oil...when it gets black its just full of fine dirt...Anyway,enough ranting enjoy your ride. :)
  14. Good stuff, there's plenty of stuff even the most mechanicaly challenged can do(not implying anything :LOL: ) but it is also a good opportunity to find things which could turn into problems later.


  15. I would be pissed off.

    I can service my own bike - it's not that hard, but I don't have the time so I trust someone to do a proper service. It does not sound like they were straight up with you - you had to ask. Did they check off a log book showing the service was done according to the book?

    I'd also be pissed because I don't necessarily take my bike to the same mechanic all the time, some times it just ain't practical. How is the next mechanic supposed to know what was done - they will most likely assume a std service according to the book; then will they check the skipped item.

    I'm not thinking so much about the air filter, but what if it had been an oil change? It's all about trust - not to mention getting what you paid for.

    I never took my Falcon back to ford after they tried to charge me twice for 2 fuel filters (turns out some Falcs had two, but not mine!).

    That said - sometimes better the devil you know...


  16. I just had a look and they did! stamp and signature for the 10k service, under the words "To be carried out as per schedule in handbook for your specific model".
    So they signed a fault statement. The book asks for an oil filter replacement too. I'm still waiting for a list of all the things they did, but i wasn't charged for any oil filter..
    It's the "Apple" syndrome; They make cheep ipods in china and they expect that 10% will brake down, so they order 110% ready for all occasions. How many owners would open the air filter to check if it was cleaned? Especially on a scooter, all the parts are hidden and compact, it is not easy to check..

    Wishful thinking..That should have been a false statement :LOL:
  17. If they charge you for something they didn't do and if they sign it off as if everything was done in your logbook they are definately in the wrong.
  18. all we can do is spread the word and hope no one else gets stung. but it might be worth printing off the discussion on here and taking it in there and see the dealer printable. if he or she rectifies things let us know. if not let us ALL know and post links to this thread on any Australian scooter site you go.
  19. On Sunday, i received this email from Scooteria:
    My reply the same day was:
  20. The story has progressed the last month…
    After all my requests for the service history of the bike, a list of what has been done on the last service, what have i paid for, Scooteria did not respond and ignored my emails.

    So, I wrote a letter of demand asking for the service history of my bike or a refund. I told Scooteria that if they do not take any action, I would talk to Piaggio and then the OFT etc.. I sent it with registered post . Waited for the 14 days, but nothing happened.

    Next step was the vehicle importer, Piaggio. I printed up all the communication I had with Scooteria, emails, signatures, receipts and wrote another letter to them. Piaggio talked to Scooteria and Scooteria finally emailed all the paperwork to me.

    Here is what Scooteria said:
    The owner’s book I was given when I bought the bike said 1-5-10K. I took my bike in for the 10K service. No one told be that it has changed to 12K, no one told me wait for 2k more. This is such a lame excuse!!!

    I have already cleaned the air filter, so it doesn’t matter. BUT. From their list, I found out that there was another thing that they skipped: the clutch (sliding block/speed variator rollers) has not been replaced. This is more important than just an air filter. In short, they did all the visual checks and the oil changes and they skipped the actions that asked for the use of a screwdriver!!! So, off I go again writing letters….

    What else do a customer needs to do to get what he paid for!!!!!