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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. yeah so the bike got run over by a blind truckie driving a B-double semi trailer in an empty street (meaning not even parked cars or stray dogs) in broad daylight...

    while you're all figuring that one out, i'll be riding around on my mum's vespa to get around till we can get the bike fixed up (approx $3500 worth). good laugh i know, but its dark blue, not pink, and it costs $5 to fill for 200km range and can get up to 70km/h before it feels a bit woody.

    ****, i'd rather be riding than driving a car or using over priced always late sydney public transport.

    so sue me for being dedicated.

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  2. Details???

    Was the bike parked near the gutter & the truckie just ran into it?? Am presuming you were not on said bike at the time either..

    Scooter scum now then ehhh, one of the buggers decided to share a lane with me today, for a few seconds, was close enough to smack him over the helmet & boy was I tempted..

    Have you nodded at any riders & actually got a nod back????
  3. yeah parked at a 45 degree on the gutter. he drove up the street, then stopped in front of my bike to reverse park his truck in a driveway across the road and ran over it with his cabin wheels.

    and **** that i'm not nodding at no riders. just gonna wear my black outfit and hunker over the top of the thing like a black ape on a tricycle.
  4. You going to wear a scarf so it flutters in the wind?
  5. And absoultely no protective gear. And a suit. And one of those helmets with no chin protector?
  6. yeap

    also considered a pair of high heels, no safety gear, and try to do my makeup in a compact hand held mirror while its on cruise control.
  7. Well, you could try to combine style and safety by wearing knee-high high-heeled leather boots. Saw a young woman dressed as such on a Ducati Monster at the lights a while back, made my day! :)
  8. You'd look good in a skirt too Mav. Maybe borrow one of Mrs Mav's... :D

  9. Hahaha didnt know you were that way inclined Mav.......................what does MrsMav think of your feminine side?....................you two could save more by buying a buy one get one free heels, lip sticks and makeup..............hers and hers :p.
  10. Mav, I will not laugh at you, much. You have to do what you have to do.

    A few years ago my bike was off the road due to operator error. After a month of no bike I was happy to ride a scooter.
  11. Question is Mav will you still nod now your on a scooter.......:)
  12. if a bring a laugh to your day well then i'll say it was a good day.

    lol @ "operator error"
  13. Actually, riding a scooter is the only time I've been able to get my knee down.
  14. Lol Mav, we now know who wears the skirt in the household.........................apparently both :p.

    Seriously dude, good luck on the bike and you/mrs/bub are more than welcome to chill out at my place and have a few drinks (still got cases). Expect scooter jokes though :p.
  15. So how many cc's is it?
  16. .... I think you should wear the full on Stig gear!!...8-[
  17. enjoy. they are a lot of fun. like riding a bar stool at 80kph.
    and a filterers dream
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  18. A nodding thread, excellent!
  19. Sorry! You're on a scooter. I'm forbidden to read or listen to you.
  20. Scooters are not THAT bad. The classic manual ones are good!

    I dont like the automatic ones at all.

    Did you take pics? :D