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scooter woes

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by TheForgotten, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Before I start, I know the whole "buy a bike and never look back", but it was my daily commuter, and now I'm fixing this POS for my bro in law.

    Anyway, scooter in question is a Honda Lead 50 (unknown year) and it was running like crap, partially seizing (I think) while moving - real fun in peak hour traffic :shock:
    from researching this site, I found partial seize, but talking to a mechanic, said motor needs re-ringing, but it's really not worth the money considering the age (late 80's early 90's is all I know) and k's (15XXX).
    Anyhow, I pulled the damn thing apart, and the rings, piston and bore look to be in pretty decent condition, there's only minor scoring on the bore, and a bit of carbon buildup on the top of the piston and in the exhaust port.
    Can anyone shed some light on why this thing is trying to kill me, and how to fix it???
    Thanks in advance
  2. Could be a carby problem (like an air leak), causing it to run lean, or an oil injector problem. Is the fan working?
  3. um... didn't see a fan when I pulled it apart, but I only started learning about this thing at 10 this morning
  4. The bore may look fine - but it doesn't take much wear to allow a little bit of compression to get past the rings.

    Minor scoring on the barrels - sounds like some pretty serious wear to me.

    The only way to prove that the rings aren't worn is to do a compression check.

    Hope you haven't done too much damage pulling the barrel off....... :eek:
  5. damage how? pretty sure I didn't hurt it any more than it already was.
    not too sure about 2 strokers, but it sounds like there's a bit of blow-by, so compression could well be down.
    I'd simply replace the engine, but it's hard to track down replacements
  6. is the oil mix right - I don't know the Today but assume that being a Honda it uses a seperate oil tank for the two stroke oil - in that case it might not be pumping enough in and the pump would need adjusting. Alternately if it's running pre-mix then are you sure the ratio is right?

    Minor scoring shouldn't worry it too much - if it really is minor - and certainly wouldn't cause a partial seizing, it would reduce performance though. If it's partially seizing then it's probably caused by overheating and in a two stroke that's normally caused by insufficent oil.

  7. yeah it's a self mixer. I was talking to a friend today who nkows more about fixing engines than me, and he said it's either insufficient fuel or insufficient oil. it's appart now, so repairs shouldn't be too hard.

    Can you tell me how or where to adjust the oil pump? I wouldn't know it if I dropped it on my foot