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Scooter wins Sydney "Commuter Race"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Aug 1, 2008.

  1. about 5 years back a lambo and a scooter raced from manly. thanks to transit lanes the scooter smashed it silly. come to think of it i think there was a guy on a pushbike who also beat the car.
  2. top gear did a boat vs a car vs a push bike vs public transport in london...the car finished last, i think the bike won, the boat came second and the public transport beat the car.
  3. It's in the third last paragrah on the second page.

    Traveling from Liverpool way to the city; i did my first commute on the bike today and managed to shave 20mins of my travel time when compared to the car.
  4. Pretty good. :)

    Even back when I lived in Newcastle, with several ~100m elevation ridgelines to cross to ride to work, it took about the same time to bicycle to work as it did to drive a car to work - partly because I could use backstreets and cycle paths to "straighten out" the route (9.75km by bicycle, 13km by car), avoid traffic and dodge all but one of the traffic lights.
  5. Yeah I had the same thought when I was reading it earlier.

    The push bike rider would have needed a shower, so that puts much father back in reality. So the scooter won comfortably.
  6. yeah and poor Hammond was hating it on the bike!

    compleeeetely OT, but apprently Hammond and James May are bickering over money with the BBC, because Jeremy Clarke gets something like 2 million pounds per season of Top Gear, while they each get around $300k pounds..

    anyway..back on topic.
  7. Though not for the reason you might expect.

    Riding to work in winter as fast as I could didn't cause any (noticable) sweating at all - at least while I was actually moving.

    It's when you get off of the bike and your body's still got a f***tonne of heat stored in it that you actually get 'wet'. Even a 5-10 minute cold shower doesn't do a great deal to addess the issue. :(

    But yes, you're right - Getting properly presentable takes a good 10-20 minutes if you've been sprinting to work.
  8. Silly criticism. If you have a shower in the morning you have a shower in the morning. Doesnt matter which end of the commute it it.
  9. I'm not surpised the bike won...

    I used to cycle in when I lived in London used to take me about 30/40 mins about the same as the tube but guaranteed to get a seat. Used to be a Brickie so we all smelt any way...

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  10. Yeah I used to commute to work by bicycle since I found that over a 5km commute the time taken getting the car out of the carport, and parking it at the other end, actually made it slower than just jumping on the pushy and riding it all the way to the door. I always stank by the end of work anyone so no harm in starting the day like that :LOL:.
    Being able to pass on the left all the traffic banked up at the half-dozen or so roundabouts certainly helped things too. In the afternoons most cars would have been lucky to have been averaging 20kph anyway - what with all the old people in the area who insisted on coming to a complete stop at every roundabout and waiting till there were absolutely no cars anywhere near it before moving.
  11. False. They just want a bit more money, it's got nothing to do with how much Clarkson makes. http://www.topgear.com/blogs/planettopgear/132-tgtv-update/
  12. A comparison from my trips -

    Old address 20km round trip:
    car - 1hr average
    cycle - 35min average - not including shower/change time.

    Current address 25km trip:
    car - 1.5hrs
    cycle - 50 minutes - not including shower/change time.
    Motorbike - 35 minutes
  13. You dont shower except on cycling days? :shock:
  14. Must be fun to live in the city. :p

    For me it, with a 15km trip each way it's:
    Car - 10 minutes
    Motorbike - 15 minutes (including change time).
    Bicycle - 45 minutes (steep hill to deal with)
    Public Transport - is completely useless (would have to travel 5kms in the wrong direction, switch bus, then travel 20kms to work stopping frequently).
  15. Nope i don't live in the city. I'm in the Hills District and travel to North Ryde which is basically halfway to the city.

    8yrs ago the trip was an average of 50 minutes and an hour would be a bad day. Now, it's roughly a 1 1/2hr average trip by car with the worst being 2 3/4hrs. It's one of the main reasons i sold my car and bought a motorbike.

    Around home is where it's the worst. It's generally 30-40mins to go 5km followed by 30-40mins to go 20km once you hit Pennant Hills Rd and Epping Rd.

    Public transport isn't worth it for me, the buses are late, full and slower than the bike.
  16. For me to get to kensington from nbeaches.. 15 minutes walk to bus, waiting 0-15 minutes for a bus, then an hour to central, then 0-15 minutes for next bus, then 15 minutes on the bus to get to kensington.

    So thats minimum of an hour and a half, max 2 hours - quite accurate. I feel worse for my friends who have to be in earlier and are even further up on the northern beaches with a longer walk :cry:

    Vs. 35-40 minutes in light traffic, 50 minutes in bad traffic.
  17. I reckon the scooter rider probably didn't lane split either. If they had, would've trashed the pushie rider.
  18. love the way the winner is the 2nd last paragraph. wtf. no FASTEST WAY INTO THE CITY IS..... SCOOTER!. i now exactly how it feels for this test. im commuting from west ryde at the moment since my bike is of the road. takes 1:30 to get to kensington. compared to 30 mins for bike (using SHB and ED south). i dont think the reporter caught the right bus lol.
  19. And one when you get home. You've got to consider at least one shower in a two way trip for a fair comparison.

    And that's if you can ride 5 days a week. Most people live far enough away from work that that much exercise is unhealthy 10 times a week.