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Scooter Vs Motorbike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by HARV3Y, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. After browsing the forums i see it's a bit of a touchy subject for some but here is my dilema....

    3 days ago I bought a 150cc Bug Espresso having never ridden a bike or scooter before in my life. I had about an hour on it after getting my L's and before going for my licence today.

    The instructor was very scared (so it seemed) to let me out there on the 200cc Aprilia sport city with vertually no practice and suggested I might need the 2 day course not the 1day that i was enlisted for. End of the story is i passed with flying colours now i have some decisions to make.

    With the thrill of cruising at 100k's on the open road I got thinking about getting a bike and getting up some speed :)

    How can I make the transition from a restricted 250cc auto licence to an open manual bike licence. I will definately get some practice in with the gears and everything before i go for the test but is there a way to skip the Restricted 250cc licence? The reason i need to skip and go to opens is that the bike that i've already decided on buying is a 750cc.

    I'm in QLD so anyone with knowledge of the rules please help me out. I would wait until tomorrow and call the relevant people but i'm all excited and well that's what these forums are for right????????

    One thing that drew me to a scooter instead of a bike enitially is the storage space. Keeping my helmet in the top box and jacket under the seat while i was at uni was a BIG draw card. Am i able to get a top box on the back of the bike which can be used on uni days but then removable for long rides in the hills etc? or once it's fixed it's fixed for good?

    I'm more than happy to carry a back pack with gear in but lugging around a helmet and jacket doesn't seem so appealing.

    So after all that rambling the 2 questions were the licence issue and top box. Only girls have the ability to churn out 10 paragraphs when it probs only needed two :LOL:

    anyways hope you can help, cheers
  2. Well I guess you can "skip" to an unrestricted open license if you have had 3 years of driving a car on opens. Just take another Q-Ride session to go on top of that.

    If that's not the case then I strongly suggest slogging it out for a year on a 250. Earn your dues, develop your skills without getting yourself into big trouble that you don't have the experience to handle too fast, too soon, so to speak.

    As for storage, my old 250, a Suzuki Across had a 13l boot. Now my current bike doesn't have any kind of storage so an expandable 31l tankbag does the trick.