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Scooter Update.

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by filecon, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hi one and all.
    I'm just confused on a future Scooter purchase. I currently own a 2008 Firenze 250cc (which still has 9 months of warranty and reg if anyone is interested in buying. just over 9000km had it from new :) ) Anyway, I use it to commute and have a 40ltr top box as I need the storage space. I want to upgrade to something that has more grunt, but still be nimble enough to filter through traffic.

    I have been researching for ages and still can not make up my mind. The scooters I was contemplating are:
    Honda SH300i
    Kymco Downtown 300i
    Piaggio Xevo 400
    (Not sure about the YP400 or Burgman 400)
    Aprilia Scarabeo 500 (Worried about parts/repairs though)
    Kymco Xciting 500

    I want some grunt and am leaning towards a 500, but don't want it too bulky and need the storage space. The Tmax sounds great but is out of my price range. I'm not sure whether to wait for the Kymco Myroad 700 if it eventually arrives. All in all, I don't want to spend more than $10,000 and hopefully either sell my Firenze or trade it in to subsidise the purchase. Does anyone strongly recommend or strongly advise not to purchase any of these scooters. Your assistance is greatly recommended. If you have any other recommendations, I would greatly appreciate your input.

  2. yes the yp400 is probably the best out of the maxis there

    i had an xevo 400 and grunty, but handled poorly, i also had a nexus 500 and the xevo was smoother and faster to a point other than conering

    i'll never buy anything aprilia again due to useless parts supply and waiting on warranty claims

    tmax is slow out of the box unless modded, sh300 isnt a maxi neither is the downtown

    kymco isnt that great, if thats the look you want the tmax is a much better scoot... you cant do any wrong buying a yamaha, followed by the zuki.. even though ive owned stack of piaggios, the jap brands seem to have better thought out and designed maxis, i only brought the nexus and xevo 400 because they were cheap at the time

    lookout for a silverwing thats being discounted as they are hard to move so you can snap up a bargain, and they fly..
  3. The Scarabeo 500 is the lightest in its class and Ive never waited more than a few weeks for parts (clutch, headlight surround, blinker lens)
  4. that Kymco Myroad 700i really looks like it's worth the wait.
  5. Of the bikes you have identifed, the T-max is far superior to all others - yes, they are >$10k (S11,990 ride away at present) but you don't need to buy new.

    2 year old used T-Maxes and Burgman 650s are in the 8-9k range at present.

    I own 2 B650s, one of which has travelled more than 100,000k. They make great commuters and do just about everything else as well - including RTW and Birdsville track.
  6. If you want something nimble you could go the scarabeo 500, no dramas with 'normal' parts for them, i have a 200 and love ti to bits..

    Honda too would be nimble but exy, though usually Japanese quality
    kymco are good for quality too and somewhat cheaper, nice ride too.

    go and ride them then decide...