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Scooter Tyre Needed Urgently!!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by octdiamond, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. WTF is with tyres these days.

    so far the best i have been told on a tyre is 5 weeks, and that was on 27/12/08

    i have 2 tyres on backorder and its almost bloody february.

    my tyre size is 110/80/12, and as far as i know, its a pretty common size. even a different profile would do. dont people stock tyres anymore?

    i have tried 13 different places today in sydney and have gotten nothing, 4 of them couldnt even really understand the word "tyre". i rang one over in castle hill and was told they had some in stock then when i got over there they said they had nothing. absolute shite! wasted my time.

    WTF is wrong with this industry?

    I am willing to pay through the nose right now for a tyre, shit i will even take a maxxis!

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  3. you could probably order one off the net and get it quicker than the shops here can. The whole motorcycle industry in this country is pathetic, service is seriously lacking.
  4. At a guess your scooter is a Bolwell/Sym isnt it? Either a Legrande or a Euro150?

    Although your scooter has a 110/80/12 on the front, no one in Australia imports any tyres in this size. Not even Bolwell themself import that size tyre. What you have to do is fit a 120/70/12. Kepp away from tyres made in China and go with a good brand such as Continental. There scooter tyres are the best thing out there. If you want more info on this issue click the "Everything Two Wheels" banner add at the top of the page.
  5. I have been told maybe a month. I want Pirelli and apparently something bad has happened there to do with the 'economic climate'.
    So I am told. Googled Pirelli but found nothing. so i wait......
    so did you guys get your tyres????
  6. Have you had a look at a second hand tyre shop, im not really a fan but if your stuck
    for rubber its better than nothing, oddly enough I had no probs getting a pilot and a
    battleaxe fitted the same day to my nexus at Peter Stevens of all places... :shock:
  7. i ended up ordering from 2 different places, my poor old wheels had about 6 plugs in each of them, i now got two new tyres after an 8 week wait and i also got a spare set from the other supplier i bought from.
  8. I stock the size tyre you want, in fact I have ordered another one for a HD200 today. Tell your bike shop to order a MAXXIS from McLeods.
  9. Caz to the rescue.. :twisted:
  10. You cant just get a Wheel Barrow tire from Bunnings to work on a scooter?

    Just kidding - I hear Pirelli have changed importers/distributers in Australia, so the old distributor has run out and the new has not received any yet!
  11. still waiting.... no riding all of autumn.... waiting waiting waiting... but its been good for me... coz it forced me to look around.... test rode a street triple R... yihaa! When we get back from our honeymoon, that's what I am going for. Meanwhile, still waiting for the tyres....
  12. Are there any performance/handling issues or effect on speedo if a 120/70/12 tyre is substituted for a 110/80/12? Someone else suggested a 110/90/12 so I'm just wondering which of the two to replace my original Maxxis 110/80/12 on my VS125.

    Also, which tyre would you recommend? I have a Pirelli GTS24 as my rear tyre.