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scooter trend

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by abvc, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. there seems to be an increasing number of older people on scooter?

    like today I saw 3 big 40 something dad look alike on scooter :grin:

  2. Theres an overall increase in scooters generally, i just hate those things...maybe its the people that ride them :LOL:
  3. Scooters are cool I think, but anyone can ride one which means that the people that do ride scooters won't ever develop true riding skills. There is a myth conception that riding a scooter is somewhat safer than riding a motorcycle which just isn't true.

    I just see scooter riders as cagers who kinda got lost....
  4. so much crap is dribbled on here against scooters, some people really have no idea.

    i say its great. every extra person on two wheels is 1 less person in a cage not checking their blind spots.
  5. I will be using the Scooter when my bike gets its surgery (if needed)

    But I'm not an old man yet. Not even 30 yet :p

    The funniest part is when I ride the scooter with my full riding gear and the people look at me and laugh. You know full face helmet, leather jacket, boots and draggins. It is like the people really think the scooters are safer than the bikes and the scooter riders don't need as much protection.

  6. Sccoters are cool, if I lived in the inner city then I would seriosuly consider a scooter, but I would still want a bike for weekends etc. if they bought in a second bike rego [ie $100 per annum] for bikes under 125cc then I would grab a scooter for nicking up to the shops etc. I could also throw it in the trailer when I go camping or on holidays for buzzing about on. :moped:
  7. Hi,
    I'm an old man riding a scooter. I like the covenience and simplicity of the scooter. It gets me around at a respectable pace and in an economical fashion. I don't need the complexity of gears, levers, pedals, etc. I've driven a car for 35 years and it's damned hard to get use to a foot lever to change gears; a hand lever for a clutch and pedals and levers to slow the thing down (hard to teach an old, old dog new tricks). And it's comfortable.
    I don't want to ride a road rocket at 3 million miles an hour and bask in the glory of having survived the ride. I get a thrill out of just riding around town (easy please aren't I).
    Karaman said something about hating scooters or maybe the people who ride them. Get use to us 'cause are numbers are growing and you'll never be rid of us!
    Enjoy your day.
  8. Oh no the scootiers! They're building and army and are going to take over the world on scooters!!! :moped: :tantrum:

    No seriously though, I fully support two wheels. Some scooter riders, and motorcycle riders alike seem to be on their own planet.

    Seems the closer to the city I get, the less protective gear is worn. I don't get it, anyway. But then looking cool has gotta be more important than being safe right? But that's another debate all together.

    I think scooter riders and motorcycles riders alike, need to learn to treat getting on the bike/scooter with the respect it deserves. And i'm not talking about motorcyclists treating scooter riders with respect, i'm talking about scootiers treating riding their scooter with enough respect. After all they're not toys, no different to bikes really. (In fact by definition...)
  9. Yeah sunny days cute office girls in short skirts on a little vespa, I love it. Don't want to pick out the gravel though :shock: But hey it's thier choice. :wink:
  10. Better to have old people on scooters than old people in large cars/4wds.
  11. There needs to be more sexier women riding scooters, it's sort of like the nerds have taken to the scooter craze, unlike in Italy where it is a glamorous affair.
  12. I think we older persons are just more practical - we're more likely to get what suits the job.
    Let's face it, most people will rarely need to go on the freeway on their 2 wheels. Most use is just around the metropolitan area, & for that scooters are perfect!

    On the riding gear, I often feel horribly overdressed - proper motorcycle jacket, draggin jeans & boots. But my next door neighbour is in the medical profession & told me stories of what people look like when they come off 2 wheels even at low speeds! Those pretty young things aren't going to be nearly so pretty if they come off, even if it's just at 40km/h, without protective gear!

    I've mentioned this before on this board, but I get ticked off at the motorcycle riders who are coming into the scooter forum only to bag us!
    It's the scooter forum, & (most) of the people in here are scooter riders. This is by choice. Deal with it. If it bothers you stick to the motorcycle portions of the site.
  13. Let me see, Number or recorded deaths of scooter riders ever recorded in australia = 1. (that person was hit from behind at the traffic lights while stationary)

    Number of motorbike riders killed every week in australia = 2? 3?

    yep, I can see why there is a myth conception that riding scooters is more dangerous than motorbikes.


    This is an interesting read as well.

  14. Err there was a Suzuki Burgman rider killed near Shepparton last year after running off the highway so that's at least two (and proof your stats are wrong).
    Edit: Make that three:
  15. Oh right. I've been frantically googling trying to find the details of the "first" one I mentioned and Even I thought to myself there must be more than that. There are just too many stupid 4 wheel drivers on the road to not have killed more than that. Scooter or biker.

    Come to think of it, that one and only scooter fatality could have been just for south australia.

    But yeah, even if you assume 20 scooter fatalities australia wide, where still talking a drop in the ocean. W.A alone is around 8-10 motorbikers so far this year alone.
  16. Jeez guys chill, motorbikes probably have more accidents cause they are going faster and do more miles, the average scooter rider is not going to go fast or clock up many miles going from St Kilda to the CBD only on dry days. Yes I know some go in bad weather but fcuk all.

    Scooters are no less dangerous than bikes when used the same. :roll:
  17. To be fair I think the one in Shep was a single vehicle accident (ie possible rider error) - and the one in QLD was a case of a scooter rider making a right turn into a car (again suggests rider error). I think the simple reason for low scooter fatalities is that is has been shown that accident risk increases with km's travelled - and scoots are mostly used for relatively short distances (plus many avoid high-risk 100+kph highways).
  18. Audible, I have a question for you, I hope that you can wrap your brain around this one, im sure its not too hard a question.

    If a person riding a scooter falls off at 100km/h do you think that they would suffer the same consequences as a motorcycle rider falling off at 100km/h...?

    Now think about it real hard, it may be a trick question....

    Myth Conception of scooters being safer than motorcycles? I think so.

    By the way a vespa rider decapitated himself after running up the back of a truck last weekend. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national...er-police-chase/2007/03/10/1173478729144.html
  19. I had a look at the "survive the ride" website today. There's a story on the site about a guy who came off his bike (not wearing protective gear) and skidded on his skin for 100 metres! Very scary! Read the story, look at the pictures and see how you feel about the inconvenience of wearing the protective gear. Admittedly he was doing a fair pace when he came off, but skidding 10 metres, 50 metres or 100 metres won't make much of a difference if the only thing in contact with the road is your skin.