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Scooter test ride and ran out of fuel..

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Blue14, May 13, 2006.

  1. Today i went to test ride a scooter, dont ask why i just did. :shock: Well the Bolwell HD200 is a great little scoot until it runs out of fuel. :LOL: :LOL: Brand new with trade plate, here i am pushing the scooter along High st Armadale. I noticed the fuel light on when i left the dealer and thought well he wouldnt of given it to me if it he thought i wasnt going to make it back. So when i got back i just said to him i had learnt 2 things about the scoot. Fun to ride and easy to push.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. :rofl: PMSL

    Sorry Paulie... Thats hilarous!!!
  3. i knew you would get a laugh out of that one.. it is a cracker isnt it.. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Did you try the reserve before starting to push it? :eek:
  5. No reserve !!!
  6. Sorry... but you deserve it....... SCOOTER!!! :shock:

    tell me though... was it fun?
  7. Yep they are a blast to ride around in the traffic. I rode the 12 there and had to wrestle it through the traffic, where as the scoot is so much easier in the traffic..
  8. You might end up buying a scooter. :shock:
  9. well thats the plan i hope. just have to wait on a couple of things..
  10. Like petrol? :p
  11. HAHAHA hilarious. I wouldnt be caught dead riding a scooter or anything that resembles one. It just aint my thing. Plus they are a bit ummmm you know... Just get a 250 they are good through traffic.

    My next machine is not going to be a scoot, it is going to be a ZX7R with a bit of saving I do believe. Cause my brother wants to by the ZX2R off of me when I upgrade. So I don't even have to worry about finding someone to buy it mwuahaha
  12. I'd ride a scooter no worries. They look so nimble :)

    But I'd pick one with a full tank of bloody petrol :LOL:
  13. Why would i want a 250 when i got the 12 and the 750 :?
  14. good work bluey. and full marks to you for admitting it here.

    I sure got a lot of shit when i was on my scoot. But you are totally on the money - they are better for the traffic. when your weaving through 50 and 60 zones in peak hour i would pick the scoot any day over a bike.

    the HD200 is pretty good hey. I rode one a few times and really liked it. 170cc of barn pulling power. love it :p
  15. You do know the joke about scooters don't you? Riding a scooter is like having sex with a really really fat chick. It can be great fun as long as your mates don't see you.... :LOL: