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Scooter tachos...

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mr_sikma, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have tachos on their scooters standard?

    I wouldnt mind an aftermarket one, mainly for looks but will come in handy with the 70cc kit ;)

    Do you have to use special motorbike type ones, rather than an everday car one.

    Because i think the car ones have switches for 4,6,8 cylinders.

  2. no idea.. and i wouldntr mind a temp gauge either.

    always wondered what screeeming down a hill at close to 80km an hr is doing to my scoot.. when it flat ground speed is only 68/70...
  3. yeah i always back off down hills, doesnt sound like they like it hay!

    just not much space for any gauges...
  4. When you speed up going down hills, to say 80km/hr its not just eh engine that will be hurting. The CVT transmission will also be screaming its tits off.

    But then again, thats what scoots are made for - to be thrashed around flat chat all day.
  5. You might want to have a look at one of these - good for any number of cylinders and both 2 and 4 stroke engines.
  6. not a bad idea.. could be an option a bit later.. other side of the coin is prolonged 60km an hr stints.. would it harm???

    i mean they are revved to that limit and held at that speed for 5-10 minutes and air cooled.. yet no temp gauge at all. is there a chance of damage at even that speed?

    cheers for the link JD
  7. I think you should be looking towards a proper tacho for a bike. The main reason is weather resistance and mounting options.
  8. yeah would need a waterproof one...

    and i would be spewen if i just got ripped off in the parking lot or something!
  9. the other problem with that Jaycar one is that it only shows up to 9,000 RPM. That could be a problem on most bikes (and maybe scoots too?)
  10. and my mate just told me that you usually have to make them yourselves as they come as a kit!?!

    9000rpm, my 50cc would never go that high!
  11. Yeah the Jaycar tacho is a kit - though they're not that difficult to put together. Really if you struggle with the kit then you probably shouldn't be playing around with the scoots electrics trying to wire in a tacho in the first place :LOL:. Oh and 9,999rpm should be enough for most small scooters (and a lot of large bikes), waterproofing is pretty easy by just running a bit of gasket goo, silastic or grease around the join in the box.
  12. i wasnt going to try to wire it up

    just take it to my mechanic

    but yeah just wana find one first
  13. looked around on that site and there is a distributor in australia.
    3 Millennium Court, Knoxfield, Victoria 3180, Australia e-mail: brendanhughes@narva.com.au Ph: 03 97306000

    hmm, i wonder if this would be a good thing to put on my dirt bike as i currently got no speedo
  14. Would be perfect id think, is completly waterproof and has been shock tested, let me know how much it runs if you get one i want one of the cnc cased 2900 series...