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Scooter Stack

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Guest, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. haha thats f##king hilarious

  2. That person may be injured...I don't find this funny at all.
  3. What's so amusing about that picture?
  4. how does one park thewre scooter on TOP of them.

    its funny how they do it NOT the fact that they are injured

  5. I'm guessing he was showing off trying to wheelie or something and it all went wrong
  6. dammmmmm
    thats narsty
    lucky it looks like he got some protective gear
  7. bloody insurance scams :)
  8. Definately not funny, but I can't honestly see how he could end up in that position (with a camera trained on him) unless he was being a complete Richard.
  9. Ouch... that would have hurt.
  10. Who cares...... It looks like it hurt! :(

    If i had to guess (which is all we can do)

    I would say a low side and a birdstrike perhaps?
  11. common people!! Lighten up a bit. Sure, none of us really know what happened but its fun to guess how it did.

    As long as we don't start really digging deep into our mail order accident investigation kits like what happened in that scary accident clip involving the dead rider, then everything will stay in good taste.

    Oh and i'm sorry but I did laugh when i saw that picture :p
  12. hehe i thought it was funny. Its just like when someone gets whacked in the nuts. Its funny as long as it didnt happen to you. :p
  13. I reckon the bike was wheelieing and hit the car and crashed.
  14. I blame the GST....and daylight saving. It keeps the cows awake you know.
  15. I reckon the 2 picx arent even related :LOL:
  16. that pic is hilarious.

    like ajax said
    just like getting whacked in the nuts

    as long as it isn't me.

    but if i stacked a scoot like that and i was ok i would be disappointed if people didn't laugh

    coz i would be